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Save Mikey - Just wanted to share my sons story with people that know this pain


On June 13, 2018, Elected Circuit Judge Lee Ann Hill of the McLean County in Bloomington, Illinois issued a warrant for my arrest while fully knowing she might not have jurisdiction depending on the outcome of the pending case in Massachusetts. Judge Casey, Chief Justice of the Norfolk Probate Court in Massachusetts, graciously agreed to review this case quickly despite having a large backlog of cases having just returned from vacation. He reached out to Judge Hill on Monday, June 11, 2018, confirming that he would review the case over the next two days. Judge Hill decided she couldn’t wait another day to hear from Judge Casey (even though there was no emergent situation before her) and issued the aforementioned warrant for my arrest.  Even more devastatingly, Judge Hill also gave custody of my four-year-old son to his mother, who is responsible for so much neglect, abuse, and trauma this child has experienced during his life.  The attached documentation is only 10% of what we have– police reports, pictures, doctor reports, timeline, legal documents, transcripts, etc. – and there is more where this came from.  I can give you access to google drive to see the corruption that has ignored the best interest of the child for his entire life. I’ve documented everything in order by date with legal documents.

After being granted full physical and legal custody of my son in February of 2017, he and I relocated from Illinois to Massachusetts in March after notifying my Attorney and being assured by a DCFS caseworker that this was not only permissible, but also in the best interest of my son.  Over a civil infraction – because I did not properly ask the Court’s permission to leave (even though I had full custody of my son) – Mikey is now being re-victimized by the Illinois court system as his best interest, health, safety, and life are ignored once again.  I don’t believe what the Judge is doing is legal (I am not a lawyer); I am sure it is unethical.

For the first 2 years of his life, Mikey went through hell, being neglected/abused while living with his mother Amber and her various paramour(s).  Here are some examples showing how he was a victim of and witness to violence:

  • Thrown from a porch while strapped in his car seat at 8 months old
  • Blunt force trauma to his head/ear, which was ignored for four days because his mother had custody, would not take him to the doctor, and would not allow me to take him to the doctors during “her time”
  • Burned multiple times
  • Human bite marks
  • Left alone with no supervision while mother was passed out and unresponsive.
  • In a trailer during a domestic violence incident that include gunshots
  • Anal tear in a Taco Bell parking lot when his mother allegedly stuck her finger in his anus to relieve constipation. Mikey’s pediatrician did swab test to make sure this was not sexual but we will never know.
  • Rotted teeth due to failure to properly brush. We had to put Mikey under for 3 hours of dental surgery before he was 2.
  • Exposure to meth toxins as it was manufactured where he lived
  • Besides meth toxins and physical abuse, his toxic environment included dirty needles, drugs, 6 types of ammunition (no guns found)

 Each moment of every day was filled with the terror that he would not survive.  As I saw his physical and emotional condition deteriorate, I did all that I could to help him.  When he was with me, I tried to get him the care he needed (i.e. medical exams, dental surgery, child psychologist), to meet his basic needs (food, housing, security, love, comfort), and to provide a secure attachment.  My mother came out from Massachusetts to help for 6 months. We were able to get him evaluated by the Illinois Pediatric Resource Center who concluded the Mikey had been abused and reported it to DCF. That DCF investigation was closed as unfounded within 24 hours.

I tried to request relief from authorities (DCFS, police, courts), but my son was ignored by so many of the professionals that were supposed to protect him.  DCFS ignored medical professionals, police reports, witnesses who contacted them, and myself when I pleaded with them to please help my son when he was living in a meth lab with his abusive mother and her violent boyfriend who was wanted by the State.  The IL court never considered documentation of Mikey’s dire situation, perhaps because they were considering back room deals instead.  I watched with horror as the taunts of his mother came true – I can do what I want, you can’t touch me because my family will always prevail because of who we know and the money and power we have. 

Unfortunately, my son was left to endure and suffer from early 2014 (while I was going to family court in front of Judge Yoder IL who ignored all the police reports, etc) until March 2016 when he was placed in an emergency foster home by DCFS after a police raid of the mother’s apartment that found an operational meth lab, six types of ammunition, dirty needles, and drugs – all within the reach of children.  Thankfully, in September of 2016 Mikey came to live with me full-time.  Finally, in February of 2017 I was granted full legal & Physical custody of my son by the Illinois courts.  This was the only time the court seemed to acknowledge Mikey was when Judge Fitzgerald, who granted me full legal & physical custody, noted the severity of the case when splitting up two siblings (my son has an older half-sister), did not order any kind of visitation with the Mother, and said that even if his mother were clean for two years and found fit, he would not remove my son from his home. (I have the transcripts).

Since being in Massachusetts, Mikey has been thriving in every way. He loves to dance around and say “I’m so happy, I’m so happy. My mommy can’t hurt me.” He has made great friends at school, has grown even closer to his extended family, and has been working through his trauma in therapy. It his therapist’s professional opinion that Mikey will be re-traumatized if forced to return to Illinois, away from the safety of his Father, and will cancel any progress he has made.


When we fled to my home state in March 2017, it was out of fear for our safety and well-being as much as to be near our extended family.  At that time, his mother was facing jail time for five Class X felonies and a recent prior conviction for receiving 5-lbs of marijuana in the mail and  charges related to other controlled substances. Unfortunately, the focus shifted away from my son’s best interest once his Mother was out on probation and revisionist history seems to have forgotten what was said when I was granted custody. For years I tried to work with the broken and corrupt court system of McLean County as I attempted to keep my son safe and alive.  I did everything they asked of me, always showing up, and doing what they told me to do when it came to my son.  I only made one mistake – I thought full custody meant that I could take my son and move. I even checked with my attorney at the time to be sure and with DCFS government workers who surely would have handled situations like this before.

 When the court indicated I had left without permission, I tried to rectify the situation, ask for retroactive permission, and also to share information on Mikey’s trauma if he were forced to return.  The Court refused to hear the testimony of professionals who have worked with him, stating his leaving Illinois had nothing to do with his best interests, and instead demanded I return to the courtroom WITH my four-year-old child.  Why would anyone ever ask that a four-year-old be brought back into an environment where he was severely abused? To this day, when Mikey is forced to do the court-ordered video call with his mother, he screams, cries, hits himself, hides under the bed, and specifically says “I don’t want you ,mommy, go away.” His behavior is distressing to witness, and sometimes it takes 20 minutes to calm him down after each of the forced 133+ video calls.  After fighting the McClean County Court system for years, I predicted that the Court would do everything possible to return my child to his abuser, and Judge Hill proved me right yesterday.  This unethical and over-reaching decision over a civil infraction demonstrates what I have feared all along, that the corruption is just too deep out there to keep me and my son safe.

In an extreme state of fear, I am writing to ask that you please help me to bring my four-year-old son Mikey’s story public because he deserves better than he has been given, first by his mother and now by the State of Illinois.  Please take some time to view the attachments and feel free to reach out to me.  I am praying you can help us.