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Warren and Brown Both Support Sexist, Anti-father VAWA Law 'Blanking the Ballot Only Option'

Warren and Brown Both Support Sexist, Anti-father VAWA Law
              'Blanking the Ballot Only Option'

US Senate candidates Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown sing the same tune on the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and both leave no doubt on how they will treat men- Warren will favor putting innocent fathers in jail while Senator Brown, this year, has already voted to do so.

A vote on Nov. 6 for either candidate is a vote against men, fathers and families.

One of the many men victimized by VAWA is David Bedoya, sentenced to 30 years in prison, apparently a result of the ease by which his ex-wife could use allegations under VAWA's immigration loophole to halt deportation proceedings against her and gain US citizenship. VAWA abuse ranges from incarceration to the loss of one's children. In Massachusetts, 25-50,000 individuals find themselves caught in VAWA's so-called state "domestic abuse" law. Though up to 95% of these orders are without merit, men and fathers suffer emotional and financial hardship and the always present threat of unjust incarceration.

VAWA tramples on the rights of each one of us.

More information on VAWA and the related state laws that harm men, fathers and families is on The Fatherhood Coalition websites. Although VAWA has not yet been re-funded this year it will certainly come up again for a vote after the election. Now is the time to send the candidates a clear message that a vote in favor of VAWA will not be tolerated.

The only option on Nov. 6 is to blank the ballot for the position of US Senator from Massachusetts. You should still vote for your local candidates.

Blank ballots will be counted. During the last regular election in 2008 there were over 100,000 blanks for the position of US Senate. There are no 3rd party candidates on the ballot this year. Blanking both candidates will be a clear signal to Warren and Brown that voting against men will cost them votes and that they should not take our concerns for granted.

Warren's position on VAWA is known. Brown's statement about how 'beyond frustrating' it was to him that an even more onerous VAWA bill was not renewed earlier this year makes clear his extreme position. His rebuff of our repeated requests to discuss VAWA with him before his vote in favor of the discriminatory law earlier this year leaves no doubt about his future actions.

Make sure to call the Warren and/or Brown office and let them know you will not vote for either candidate because of their anti-male, anti-father positions, specifically their support for VAWA. A strong showing of 'blanks' will demonstrate how much their support of VAWA has cost them at the polls.

Contact Warren at 617-286-6715

Contact Brown at (857) 263-8346

Joe Ureneck

Greater Boston Chapter of The Fatherhood Coalition

857 350-0575