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Ever wonder how that
Massachusetts judge
who took your children
away and stripped you
of your house and assets
got to sit on the bench?
All judges were approved,
usually by unanimous,
vote, by the Governors
Council at a public hearing.
The audio for their
hearings over the last
couple of years can be heard here:

Courtesy of Patrick McCabe


A must-read:
'The Fraud of Feminism'

A younger Tolkien

J.R.R.Tolkien, author
of 'Lord of the Rings',
on Marriage

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Fatherhood Coalition newsletter

The newsletter of The Fatherhood Coalition-working to stop the war on fatherhood since 1995.

Corrupt Judges in the Twelfth Circuit Court Florida

Legal Abuse Syndrome in Family Court In litigation, particularly 12th Circuit Family Court, lives can be devastated, life savings wiped out, homes and families ruined, child relationships destroyed and unqualified Judges making life long decisions about your children that don’t have a clue of “the best interest of the child” Many people will experience corruption in our legal system with judges, lawyers, court appointed “expert” witnesses, and others. Attempts to get the corruption addressed or even recognized by authorities are met with deaf ears and complete ambivalence.

Scream Queens Fuel Nightmarish VAWA System

From http://www.lisascottlaw.com/scream-queens-fuel-nightmarish-vawa-system.php

"We must de-fund and de-fang VAWA. We must let police do their jobs without fear of making politically-incorrect decisions. In the old days they used their discretion on how to handle domestic conflict. The parties were often separated until things cooled down. Without evidence of serious assault or injury, that was the proper response. "

Absolutely correct!

Fatherhood Coalition

I would like some advice on how to set this up in the state of Kansas. There are many GREAT fathers here that are being pushed aside by the system. I am still and will forever fight until My rights are equal and I am viewed as much of a parent as she is.

I would really like to find out how to be effective at changing the kansas laws and enforcing them so that I and every father out there that is trying can have equal rights as a mother is granted.

VAWA Fate Still in Play

The fate of VAWA is up in the air.

The Senate passed its own version and the House a different one.

The House version (4970) has something of an upper hand because VAWA is a money/funding bill which has to by law originate in the House , not the Senate. The law is is now expected to go to a Conference Committee which can in this case make, or not, further changes. (Information on conference committee here: http://thomas.loc.gov/home/enactment/confcomm.html, the last paragraph is the most relevant.)