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An all volunteer, non-profit organization of men and women advocating for fatherhood since 1994

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Save The Males
by Richard Doyle

Doyle's classic treatise on men's rights, now in 6th printing.
A must-read for every Fathers Rights advocate

Dr. Warren Farrell's new DVD:

"The Best Interests of the Child"

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Our long national nightmare is over

Diversity as a proxy for racial discrimination

Electorate to Dem. Party: It's the morality, stupid

Harvard U. junk-science domestic violence research

Father's rights before gay rights

Liberal media bias

Gay marriage

Domestic violence lies and the lying liars who tell them - Part 1

Part 2 - Harvard researcher hides study data behind university lawyers

Part 3 - The lying liars

Part 4 - Domestic violence distortions conceal culture of male hatred

Rape shield law and Wendy Murphy

Supreme Court's U. Michigan decision

Fatherhood: A primordial force of nature

U. Michigan and racial preferences

Shannon O'Brien

Debtor's prison for fathers

Best interests of the child Reflections on Clayton

Gender profiling

Judge Maria Lopez

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The Backwards Abuse Prevention Laws 

Generate a Freedom of Information Request for your state


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A Misandry Sampler

CPF / The Fatherhood Coalition advocates for the institution of fatherhood, encompassing the full range of human behaviors and endeavors that flow from the father-child relationship. We work to promote shared parenting and to end the discrimination and persecution faced by divorced and unwed fathers.
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CPF/The Fatherhood Coalition

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You can choose to join the infamous FATHERS-L listserv, receive information about CPF, and also receive information about Liberty Bell Union, our affiliated legal self-help organization.

Our website will soon be updated and revised. Stay Tuned! (March 4, 2009)

MacLeod Confirmed on a vote of 4-3.
Governor's Council Hears Testimony of Fatherhood Coalition Representatives

(April 2, 2009)

Governor's Council vote maneauvering confirms MacLeod nomination. Coalition testimony against Hanlon

On April 1 the Governor's Council held a hearing on the nomination of Sydney Hanlon to the Massachusetts Appeals Court. Currently a district court judge, Judge Hanlon's nomination was opposed by five representatives of The Fatherhood Coalition (video Part 4[end] , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 12[end] and Part 13) because of her active promotion of the domestic violence legal system. The Dorchester District Court under Judge Hanlon was one of three courts nationwide used as a domestic violence court model/prototype by the US Justice Department.

The council also voted 4-3 to confirm the nomination of Laurie MacLeod to be a judge at the Palmer district court (Part 11 and Part 12). Two weeks earlier, the council's presiding officer Lt. Gov. Murray closed the council meeting without a scheduled vote on MacLeod when she was expected to lose. The vote change in MacLeod's favor came about because one councilor opposed to MacLeod was absent due to a family death while another councilor supporting MacLeod, absent at the previous meeting, was in attendence. There are apparently no provisions to prevent the manipulation of council votes in this way.

Councilors Devaney, Manning and Iannella are to be commended for their vote against MacLeod and for their strong statements in support of men and fathers. Councilor Foley was also expected to vote against MacLeod but was absent due to the death of his father. Coalition supporters are encouraged on contact all the councilors before the expected vote on Hanlon next Wed., April 8 at 12:00 noon and encourage them to vote 'no'.

Despite his strong presentation on behalf of fathers and his vote against MacLeod, Councilor Iannella said at yesterday's hearing that he would vote for Hanlon.

Councilors Callahan, Fiola, Merrigan and Timility voted in favor of MacLeod and are expected to do the same for Hanlon.

  • Carole Fiola, Fall River; 1-508-674-9200
  • Kelly Timilty, Roslindale; 1-781-326-2727
  • Marilyn Devaney, Watertown; 1-617-923-0778
  • Chris Iannella, Boston; 1-617-227-1538
  • Mary-Ellen Manning, Peabody; 1-978-740-1090
  • Michael Callahan, Medford; 1-781-393-9890
  • Thomas Foley, Worcester;

Urgent Opposition to Appeals Court Judge Appointment

(March 28, 2009)

Urgent: You are needed to stand in opposition to the appointment of Judge Sydney Hanlon to the Massachusetts Appeals Court on Wednesday April 1, 2009 10:00AM at Governor Patrick's office at the Statehouse.

Judge Sydney Hanlon is one of the architects of the current domestic violence system which is frequently abused in custody and divorce disputes because district and probate court judges are willing to issue 209A restraining orders against men based on false allegations and where the minimum evidentiary standards have not been met and there is no presumptive right to discovery of evidence or a jury trial. The only avenue we have had for change has been the appeals court. Had it not been for the appeals court we would not have won the right to an evidentiary hearing in 2005 to defend ourselves against false allegations.

If Judge Hanlon is appointed to the appeals court she will block the only legal avenue we have for progress and an important defense against false allegations.

It is important that every one arrive at 10:00AM so that we are certain to be seated. Please rendezvous with Joe Ureneck who will be at the Governor' office and will be wearing a badge that says "Vote No on Hanlon."

In preparation for opposing Judge Hanlon there is a conference call on Tuesday evening March 31 at 9:00PM. Please join us then. For conference call credentials please call Joe at 857 350-0575 or by email:

Sign up HERE if you can join us.

MacLeod Vote Scheduled for April 1, Noon

(March 23, 2009)

Hanlon Nomination Hearing Same Day, 10:30 AM

The public vote to confirm, or not, Atty. MacLeod's nominaton to the Palmer District Court will be held on April 1, 12:00 noon. At 10:30 that morning there will also be a public hearing on the nomination of Sydney Hanlon to the Massachusett Appeals Court. Testimony from the public is invited. Both the vote and the hearing will take place at the Governor's office at the State House.

As is clear in her resume, Judge Hanlon, currently at the Dorchester District Court, has been in the forefront of promoting the state's domestic violence law. Coalition supporters are encouraged to attend and testify against her nomination at the hearing.

The nominations of MacLeod and Hanlon demonstrate that the Patrick administration has no understanding of the damage done to men and fathers by the law and its implementation. Supporters are encouraged to continue contacting the Governor's Councilors (below) to let them know of your personal experiences with false and malicious RO's, with these two individuals and why their nominations should not be confirmed.

Please tell the councilors to vote 'No' on both nominations.

  • Carole Fiola, Fall River; 1-508-674-9200
  • Kelly Timilty, Roslindale; 1-781-326-2727
  • Marilyn Devaney, Watertown; 1-617-923-0778
  • Chris Iannella, Boston; 1-617-227-1538
  • Mary-Ellen Manning, Peabody; 1-978-740-1090
  • Michael Callahan, Medford; 1-781-393-9890
  • Thomas Foley, Worcester;

MacLeod Confirmation Put Off

(March 19, 2009)

Supporters Maneuvering to Get More 'Yes" Votes

The meeting to vote up-or-down on Atty. MacLeod to be a judge of Palmer District Court was unexpectedly shut down by Lt. Gov. Murray despite it being an agenda item apparently because the nominee would have lost on a 4-3 vote. There is no date certain for a new vote on the nomination although it could occur next Wed., March 25 at 12:00 noon. There is also speculation that the nomination may be withdrawn.

The Fatherhood Coalition opposes the MacLeod nomination because of her work as a DV prosecutor and as an organizer of the Western Mass Domestic Violence Task Force.

The councilors who were expected to vote against the MacLeod nomination yesterday are Devaney, Foley, Iannella and Manning.

Fatherhood Coalition supporters are encouraged to contact Councilors Fiola and Timilty to encourage them to also vote against the nomination should it come up for a vote. Individuals with direct knowledge about Atty. MacLeod should be sure to inform these two councilors of their experience and how it has adversely affected their lives.

Contact information:

  • Carole Fiola, Fall River, 1-508-674-9200
  • Kelly Timilty, Roslindale,, 1-781-326-2727

Following the sudden close of the meeting by Lt. Gov. Murray, Councilor Devaney read a statement Pg.1, ; Pg. 2,; Pg. 3,; Pg. 4 which is also on video-(Part one and Part Two ) on why she opposed the nomination and why Councilor Merrigan (a MacLeod supporter) should recuse himself from the vote. Councilor Manning also issued a statement on the controversy.

(UPDATE 3/20/09:Reports indicate that some councilors appear to be basing their vote for MacLeod on Oprah Winfrey's false assertion recently that 75% percent of domestic violence is instigated by men against women.

We enourage CPF supporters to let the councilors know about their own experience with false accusations and of the many reputable studies and statistics which prove women are more likely than men, or as equally likely, to provoke domestic violence. These include the work of Martin S. Fiebert Department of Psychology California State University, Long Beach who examined 247 scholarly investigations: 188 empirical studies and 59 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners, surveying some 240,200 individuals.)


(March 4, 2009)

CPF requests a 'No' vote in letter and testimony before Council

Governor’s Council
Massachusetts State House
Boston, Ma March 3, 2009

RE: Nomination of Atty. Laurie MacLeod to the Palmer District Court

Dear Councilors,

The Fatherhood Coalition is a non-profit volunteer organization of men and women providing advocacy for fatherhood.

The Coalition requests that the Council reject the nomination of Atty. MacLeod to the Palmer District Court.

Our concern regarding this nomination is not a matter of the nominee’s personal integrity or competency. Indeed,we assume that Atty. MacLeod, like all of nominees that come before the Council, is of the highest moral and ethical standards.

Rather, we take exception to her former employment history as a domestic violence prosecutor and how this history will be perceived by fathers and men who come before her as a judge.

There is no question on behalf of reasoned members of the legal community that the domestic violence system in Massachusetts is seriously flawed in both law and procedure. The victims of this travesty lose children, homes, employment and financial security. They are predominately men.

We believe the elevation to a judgeship of any individual who has actively engaged in a process which has created such injustice and hardship to be inappropriate.

We respectfully ask therefore that you reject the nomination of Atty. MacLeod to the Palmer District Court.

Thank you.
Joseph Ureneck
Chair, The Fatherhood Coalition

Video of Council hearing March 4.

Atty. MacLeod is unable to answer Councilor Iannella's question as to whether men or women take out more restraining orders. A surprising response given her past employment as a 'domestic violence' prosecutor and leader of the Western Massachusetts Domestic Violence Task Force

Contact these councilors below and ask them to vote 'NO' on MacLeod's nomination. Individuals who have had direct contact with Atty MacLeod in her role a DV prosecuter or have information regarding her activity on the domestic violence task force(s) are encouraged to tell council members of their experience.

  • Carole Fiola, Fall River; 1-508-674-9200
  • Kelly Timilty, Roslindale; 1-781-326-2727
  • Marilyn Devaney, Watertown; 1-617-923-0778
  • Chris Iannella, Boston; 1-617-227-1538
  • Mary-Ellen Manning, Peabody; 1-978-740-1090
  • Michael Callahan, Medford; 1-781-393-9890
  • Thomas Foley, Worcester;

The public up-or-down confirmation vote for MacLeod will take place at the governor's office in the Massachusetts State House, Boston, on March 18, 12:00 noon.

Coalition supporters are encouraged to join in a final lobby effort on March 18 at 11:00 AM in State House Room 184 to encourage councilors to reject the nomination.


First Meeting of 2009 Set for 7 PM at St. Mark's in Dorchester

The Greater Boston Chapter of the Fatherhood Coalition will hold its first meeting of 2009 on Tuesday, March 24 at 7PM at St Mark’s church hall, 20 Roseland Street (on Dorchester Avenue), Dorchester. For more information, please call 617-723-3237 or Joe at 857 350-0575. The Coalition, advocating for men, fathers and their children since 1994, will present the WCVB-TV Chronicle program 'Out of Order' which originally aired in February, 2000.


Candlelight vigil for Cann family victims tonight

Fathers Rights advocates critical of family court in Cann custody case

Norton, MA—Sept. 6, 2007—The Southeastern Chapter of the Fatherhood Coalition is hosting a candlelight vigil Thursday, Sept. 6, 8:00-9:00 p.m. at the Norton Town Common. Norton is the site of the recent slaying of Elizabeth Cann by her ex-boyfriend. Elizabeth, 44, was shot by her ex-boyfriend, Robert McDermott, 39, who also shot the two daughters in the head, leaving them critically injured in the rampage. McDermott then shot himself.

CPF/The Fatherhood Coalition extend their sincerest condolences for the victims and their family and friends, including Elizabeth’s ex-husband, the father of the two girls, Wayne Cann. Mr. Cann discovered the bodies after he was telephoned by his third daughter, Amanda, 17, who was out of town at the time and grew concerned when she couldn’t contact her family.

According to the Coalition, mistakes made by the Massachusetts Family Court bear some responsibility for the tragedy, and this has been entirely overlooked in the media coverage. Event coordinator and longtime Fatherhood Coalition member Earl Sholley questions the circumstances under which the children were placed in the care and custody of the mother in the first place following the Cann divorce.


Massachusetts Trial Court Child Support Guidelines Task Force
2007 public hearings


CPF research study shows bias in restraining orders

Milford, July 11, 2005 – A study of how one court in Massachusetts applies the abuse prevention statute (MGL ch.209A) as measured by the issuance of “209A restraining orders” has just been published in the June issue of Journal of Family Violence, an academic journal on domestic violence issues.

“A Measure of Court Response to Requests for Protection,” by the Fatherhood Coalition’s Steve Basile, examined the 209A restraining orders issued in Gardner District Court in 1997. The study reveals a clear double standard in the court response to alleged victims of domestic abuse/violence.  In each of the benchmarks, women plaintiffs (victims) were treated more favorably than men, and likewise, male defendants were treated more harshly than their female counterparts.

Among the study’s findings:

  • When compared with other attributes of the litigants, sex was by far the greatest predictor of whether or not a restraining order would be issued and of the severity of the restrictions imposed on the defendant.

  • At ex parte hearings, where only the victim is present and the defendant is unaware of the proceedings, men were 240% more likely than women to be denied the immediate protection of an emergency restraining order.

  • Women were 38% more likely than men to be granted an emergency protection order at an ex parte hearing.

  • At follow-up 10-day hearings, when victims seek an extended or new restraining order, men were 383% more likely to be denied protection.

  • Women were 32% more likely than men to be granted a new restraining order when protection was pursued at the follow-up10-day hearing.

  • Overall, with and without children in common, men were 29% more likely to be evicted than women and 110% more likely to be evicted if they shared a common child.


(more on Gardner study below)


Study Wars: The Fathers Strike Back
New research shows bias in restraining orders

by Mark Charalambous


Fathers Rights testify at State House

Fatherhood Coalition reps speak on shared parenting and restraining order reform

BOSTON, May 17 – Fathers Rights advocates from across the state will converge on the State House today to give testimony to the Judiciary Committee on shared parenting and 209A reform (MGL 209A abuse protection “restraining order”).

The hearings are scheduled for 1 pm today in Room B2.

Several shared parenting bills are on the docket. The Fatherhood Coalition supports Senate bill 855, brought forward by senators Scott Brown, Richard Tesei and Richard Ross.

According to Fatherhood Coalition co-Chairman Michael P. O’Neil, [I]n Massachusetts today, over 90% of the time, a judge will rule that it is in ‘the best interest of the child’ to have his access to one of his parents—usually the child’s father—severely restricted…studies and statistics show the exponential increase in teen pregnancy, suicide, drug usage and school failures that follow these unconscionable court edicts.”

Coalition members will also be speaking to the critical need to reform the state’s notorious abuse protection law, MGL 209A, from which thousands of “restraining orders” restricting the civil and human rights are yearly issued, mainly to men. Coalition Spokesman Mark Charalambous and others will be testifying in support of House bill 833, the “209A Reform bill.”

According to Charalambous, “Legal protections routinely afforded hardened criminals are denied fathers who are often merely accused of making their estranged wives or girlfriends afraid, with no accusation of any actual violence at all.”
. . .


Mark Charalambous' shared parenting testimony

Michael O'Neil's shared parenting testimony

Mark Charalambous' 209A reform testimony

Michael O'Neil's 209A reform testimony

CPF News Wire: Index of past CPF press releases

Shared parenting ballot initiative wins overwhelmingly across Massachusetts!

Yes: 85%, No: 15%

Statewide Results







84.5 %


100 %

Shared parenting bills


  • A need to right judicial abuses
    Letter: Mike Franco, Daily Collegian, Mar. 24, 2004
    Holyoke Sun, Apr.1-7; MetroWest Daily News, Apr. 3; Sunday Telegram, Apr. 4

CPF In the News: 2003 Index

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Second phase of Fatherhood Coalition's Steve Basile's study of 209A restraining orders in Garner District Court published

The second phase of the study has been published by the Journal of Family Violence, June 2005. The study is available online to subscribers of the Journal, but it is also available for individual purchase.

Journal of Family Violence

Issue: Volume 20, Number 3,  June 2005

A Measure of Court Response to Requests for Protection

By Steve Basile, Fatherhood Coalition, Milford, Massachusetts


Are male victims of domestic violence provided the same protections as female victims? With increasing entanglement of custody and domestic violence law, the answer to this question is critical for fathers embroiled in disputes where allegations are sometimes made to secure custody of children. All non-impounded requests for Abuse Prevention Orders initiated in Massachusettsrsquo Gardner District Court, in the year 1997, involving opposite gender litigants were analyzed to determine if court response to the associated allegations is affected by the gender of those litigants. These orders were previously examined and male and female defendants were found similarly abusive. By studying the characteristics of each case, and overall court response at court hearings, a determination is made concerning any evident gender trends in the aggregate court response to requests for protection. Despite gender-neutral language of abuse prevention law (M.G.L. c. 209A), application of that law favors female plaintiffs.

Phase 1: The Basile Gardner District Court restraining order study

The first part of the study has been published by the Journal of Family Violence, Issue 1, February 2004.  The study is available online to subscribers of the Journal, but is also available for individual purchase.


Comparison of Abuse Alleged by Same- and Opposite-Gender Litigants as Cited in Requests for Abuse Prevention Orders

By Steve Basile, Fatherhood Coalition, Milford, Massachusetts


Domestic violence is commonly portrayed as something male batterers do to their female victims. Much research excludes study of female-perpetrated violence. This study develops a two-gender measure of abuse as documented by requests for protection. All nonimpounded Abuse Prevention Orders (M.G.L. c. 209A) issued in Massachusetts' Gardner District Court in the year 1997 were analyzed by gender to examine the level and types of violence alleged by plaintiffs. The level and types of violence were categorized and measured by examining Abuse Claimed Checkboxes found on each Complaint for Protection and by applying quantitative scales to affidavits, or plaintiff statements, filed as part of each request for protection. Despite widespread misconceptions that tend to minimize female abuse, examination of these court documents shows that male and female defendants, who were the subject of a complaint in domestic relation cases, while sometimes exhibiting different aggressive tendencies, measured almost equally abusive in terms of the overall level of psychological and physical aggression.

Journal of Family Violence, 19 (1): 59-68, February 2004

© Springer. Part of Springer Science+Business Media. All rights reserved. 


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CPF Reading Room: Pre-1999 Inde

Getting to 'No'
A blueprint for a Fathers Rights resistance movement

by Mark Charalambous

pdf formatted for print

We depend on your financial support.


Shared parenting bill (S855)

[MS Word format]

Mark Charalambous testimony

Michael O'Neil testimony

Shared parenting is best for children of divorce

209A Reform bill (S965 & H833)

Mark Charalambous testimony

Michael O'Neil testimony

209A Reform bill (S965 & H833) showing all updated text

Sholley Runs for Congress

Long-time fatherhood activist Earl Sholley running for U.S. Congress, 4th Congressional District

CPF newsletter now online!
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Download Adobe Reader

Sept, 2005

February 2005
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November 2003
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July 2002 (The Bulletin)
April 2001 (The Bulletin)


Inside a
Battered Women's Support Group

Read Nev Moore's riveting first-person account of how she was forced to accept the role of "domestic violence victim" by going to meetings at "Independence House," a battered womens support group -- because her children were being held hostage by DSS!

Inside a 'Batterers Program' for 'Abused' Women
Women Violating Women

Nev Moore, July 29, 2003

Lundy Bancroft's:

"Battered Mothers, Human Rights & Family Courts"

public forum held June 19, 2003 in Northampton, MA

CPF attendee's report

Fed up with biased, anti-father GALs?

PROTEST   GAL Domestic Violence Training

Protest Central
Questions & Answers

How to Write a GAL Report
An Open Letter to GALs

...and much more

Support shared parenting

Support Mike Franco's struggle for justice

Read the Mike Franco case file Table of Contents for a complete list of online documents relating to his case.

New Mass. Child Support Guideline
Effective Feb. 15, 2002

Comparison of Child Support Orders under old and new Guidelines

David Weden, III, CFA
(pdf format, requires Adobe Acrobat)

Massachusetts  POLICE-STATE domestic violence polices revalidated

"... uncorroborated statements by a victim can constitute probable cause that the crime occuurred."

"...a victim who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who suffers from mental illness, is not an inherently unreliable witness."

" is not unusual for an abuser to display a calm demeanor following a violent assault."

"Dual arrests, like the issuance of mutual restraining orders, are strongly discouraged because they trivialize the seriousness of domestic abuse and increase danger to victims"

Revised October 2001
Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Guidelines

(PDF format, Adobe Acrobat required)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Executive Office of Public Safety

Mass. Child Support Guideline 4-Year Review

- CPF Recommendations
- Recommendation Summary
- Recommendation New Worksheet

-CPF statement on Guideline -- [recommended for talking points]

Jacques Committee GAL Investigation Travesty
Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight
March 2001

Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines:
A Benchmark Analysis

By David B. Weden III, Sept. 2000

Full report
Charts Appendix
(pdf format, requires Adobe Acrobat)

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"Out of Order"
Transcript of Feb.17 show
and how to get a copy

Click the flag to learn about CPF's first federal lawsuit against the state's judges...
Complete text of Federal judge's dismissal

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