Second Annual Fathers Day Protest

The fathers day protest is now being planed. We need you to come down to Boston and join in. Please get involved and participate. We expect a good turn out this year. Let our voices be heard!


Second Annual Fathers Day Weekend Public Education Campaign:

1pm to 3pm Saturday, June 15
State House steps, Boston

Fathering in a world with H5845 and anti-father courts:
Facing the Challenge

Fathers and supporters will gather on Fathers Day weekend to show their solidarity and support for the ongoing efforts to raise public awareness of the fatherlessness crisis. Listen to members of the Coalition for the Preservation of Fatherhood and others explain the fatherhood crisis. Hear real stories from fathers and learn how the state creates throwaway-dads.

Several recent events imperil the future of the father-child relationship in Massachusetts:

Attend the rally and hear firsthand accounts of how the commonwealth simultaneously puts roadblocks in front of fathers who want to parent their children while falsely labelling them "abandoners," "abusers," and "deadbeats." Hear about the grass roots work being done by dedicated CPF members to counteract the negative stereotyping of fathers, and raise the awareness of the courts, media, and elected officials. Find out about CPF efforts to make sure that fathers, regardless of marital status, can be more than just a support check to their children.

Sponsored by Coalition for the Preservation fo Fatherhood, includeing its member groups and state-wide chapter affiliates.

For further information, contact:

CPF State headquarters (617) 723-3237
Mark Charalambous (508) 840-0268
Earl Henry Sholley (508) 883-4942

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