Boston First Annual "Restrain-In" Protest

                        BOSTON FIRST ANNUAL "RESTRAIN-IN"



                Friday, October 13, 1995 8:00 am till 10 or 11 or ...


                  Assemble at Government Center (by T stop)


        Protest restraining order abuse; pass out bogus restraining orders
    to commuters. Then, on to the Statehouse where we will march around
  and then enter to hand out restraining orders to our favorite politicians.


Remember Be-Ins, and Love-Ins? In the gender-meltdown 90's, a Restrain-In is more appropriate.

What is the reality behind domestic violence and restraining orders? Is there really an epidemic of violence against women in Massachusetts?

Delegates to the U.N. Conference on Women in China raised awareness to the systemic violence against women that exists in many countries, for instance where in Pakistan wives have been known to have been thrown on their dead husband's funeral pyres. In Saudi Arabia, a women can be stoned for committing adultery.

Here in Massachusetts, the Battered Women's Coalition is on a mission to convince everyone that there is an epidemic of violence against women in the commonwealth. According to their definitions, these are examples of abusive behavior:

Using these definitions, it is no surprise that claims of abuse against women are in epidemic proportions.

Massachusetts General Law 209A, Domestic Violence Abuse Prevention, was originally intended as a shield to protect women from violent abuse in the home. Today, its primary use is as a sword, to cause harm to an estranged mate and gain advantage in the courts.

All a woman has to do is claim that she "is in fear of abuse" to be granted an emergency restraining order against a mate that has the following provisions:

Once the man is served, he is criminally liable if he violates the order. Since a restraining order is a civil matter, the man does not have benefit of the rights of the accused: right to an attorney, right to know what he is charged with, i.e., DUE PROCESS.

Contrary to the state Constitution, the man need not be served with the plaintiff's affidavit stating the nature of the abuse. So, when he goes in to the hearing after 10 days, he MAY NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT HE IS ACCUSED OF!

At the hearing, the restraining order will be made permanent, i.e., one year. Now, if the restraining order arose as a tactical measure for a divorce, the woman has access to all property, and more importantly -- "temporary" custody of the children.

Judges receive training on domestic violence from battered women's advocates. This is the title of a workshop required of all judges at the All Court Conference on Family Violence held in October 1994, required for all judges: "DUE PROCESS ISSUES: JUDGES CAN JUST SAY NO"

And "Say No" they do. Time after time after time.

With a weapon like a 209A available to women at absolutely no cost or risk to them, it has now become a standard fixture of custody battles. Most contested divorces now include a 209A against the man. The strategic power that comes out of the 209A is extremely formidable. Unless the man can get into court and have the 209A amended - he cannot even serve legal process on his wife! Any and all contact -- direct and third party -- are considered violations subject to 2 1/2 years in jail for a first offense.

These are some of the violations that have been prosecuted:

All a woman with a 209A on a man need do is go to court and CLAIM that she received a phone call from him. That's it! The man will be handcuffed and taken to jail, where the legal system will then attempt to get him to plea bargain to avoid jail. If he plea bargains, he is sent to a batterer's program, where he must admit to guilt regardless, or he will be 'violated' by the probationary powers of the batterer's treatment program (EMERGE).

209A orders are overwhelmingly used against innocent men by women seeking to gain advantage in a court system that already practices gender bias overwhelmingly in favor of women.

Massachusetts fathers stand united in outrage at the unconstitutional criminalization and right's deprivation perpetrated by the courts under the provisions of M.G.L. 209A, the domestic violence restraining order law.

Under the facade of preventing domestic violence, the most broad and outrageous abuses of police powers are being used to criminalize fathers who wish to maintain a relationship with their children.

Join us on October 13th. Come in costume. Anyone with a kangaroo suit and a judge's robe? We will provide signs and handouts. Make the effort to stand up and be counted.



Coalition for the Preservation of Fatherhood
PO Box 8051, Boston 02114



Please send me e-mail verification that you are coming.

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