Happy FatherLESS Day marchers sweep through Boston

Courthouses disinfected but Mr. Incredible fails to deliver 


BOSTON, June 18—About 50 Fathers Rights advocates marched through downtown Boston yesterday delivering their message along the way to anyone within earshot of their two amped-up megaphones and whistles, horns and assorted noisemakers.

“Custody battles are bad social policy and they are bad for everyone” was one of the messages repeatedly delivered by Fathers-4-Justice New England coordinator and event organizer Robert Chase.

The Boston march began at 11:30 a.m. at Quincy Market.  They passed the Edward W. Brook courthouse, the Suffolk University Law School, and the offices of the Administrative Justice of the Probate & Family Court, ending up in front of the State House around 1 p.m.  

Afterwards, many of the marchers went to Concord, NH to repeat the rally in front of the New Hampshire State House.

While marching, the protestors responded loudly to the call and response: “What do we want?”


“When do we want it?”


At the Edward W. Brooke courthouse, which presently houses the Suffolk County Probate & Family Court, the marchers put on some street theatre while several contamination-suited “disinfectors” attempted to cleanse the outside masonry.

First Mr. Incredible pleaded for shared custody of his children but was rejected by the Sith Lord-looking judge. Then a man who was the primary caretaker of his child during his marriage pleaded with the judge for custody, admitting that his legal battle had already cost him $150,000. 

“Motion denied,” the judge replied.

The marchers convened for a while across the street from 2 Center Plaza, the private building that houses the offices of Sean Dunphy, Chief Administrative Justice of Probate & Family Court.  Mr. Incredible was again foiled when he entered the building and attempted to deliver a FatherLESS Day card to Mr. Dunphy.  Security personnel in the building ordered Mr. Incredible out of the building. A cameraman attempting to film the incident was also ordered out.

─Mark Charalambous


Robert Chase leads marchers out of Quincy Market


Marchers contemplate before entering Holocaust Memorial


Convening at the Boston courthouse for some street theatre


Mr. Incredible pleads his case


Mr. Incredible request for custody turned down by judge


"Next case!" shouts the evil judge


Primary caretaker dad requests shared custody and gets same result: "Motion denied!"


Can this courthouse be disinfected?


We try our best.


"Custody battles are bad social policy as well as being bad for kids"


Mr. Incredible is asked to deliver a FatherLESS Day card to Chief Justice Sean Dunphy...


Turned away.  "We don't want your kind here!"


Kids everywhere love Mr. Incredible. "Where's Dash?"


Outside Suffolk University Law School


Last leg of the march through the Boston Common to the Sate House


Boston Common


Robert Chase: chief whistleblower in New England


Journey's end — outside the Boston State House


CPF/Fatherhood Coalition PRESS RELEASE

BOSTON, June 15—Noncustodial dads say: Happy FatherLESS Day
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