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Protest: Lawrence P&F Court; Judge Manzi

Nov. 13, 2000

From: Walter S. Skold
Date: Monday, November 13, 2000 6:59 PM
Subject: Lawrence Demo first-hand report

(Report that won't be in the Eagle paper, but we will get coverage in tomorrow's Eagle)

Hey everyone that came out for the Lawrence demo:

That was GREAT! What fun. What criminals (the judges that is….)

Hey, no arrests either, though I think we were close to getting picked up for canine abuse because someone had his dog tied to a tree….

Also, I overheard one male make a casual reference to the outstanding figure of a female motorist who got out of her car for coffee, and methinks the thought police alarm went off somewhere in the area because they knew she would have felt fear if she knew what I think he was thinking……

The bullhorn was nice, and Rod (Thanks y'all from out West) managed to get some Spanish propaganda to penetrate the fog that hangs around the Lawrence Probate Zoo (who let the Kangaroos out…..)

Wish all of you that had to leave early could have seen the expression on Barbara Johnson's face after the "victory" today (She managed to stay out of jail, and her client too) Mrs. Manzi was NOT a happy camper but she had to be almost polite and actually adhere to some due process.…

The representative for the "child" was a f******* joke. I have heard stories, which I always half-believed, but now I've seen it with my own eyes. All along I thought he was part of the mother's legal team, and he might as well have been, because when he spoke up he didn't say ONE WORD about the health and well-being of the child at the center of this case. Should'a seen Barbara chew him out in front of everyone. The Kangaroo (who looked hopping mad on the inside) quieted her down and warned her about making some sort of statements vs. Court-appointed people, but the red-faced "advocate" of the child was left standing looking like the idiot he was.

Let me just say, with some degree pleasure, I saw their faces and both he and the other attorney were NOT pleased they were up against a lawyer who cared about the rights of her client more than monkey-business as usual… The woman leaned over and I heard her say to the Mom ("This lady is unbelievable!!") Of course the two dozen people in the streets and the hundred or more flyers that were being read probably did not help to make their day either.

Heard some good things about the local DA's office, but can't repeat that in public. Suffice it to say that the rad femmies do not have a friend there if they want to ram their gender discrim onto the law in Lawrence.

I guess we may have broken that state law, because from the description of Manzi's behavior last time (contemptible) as compared with her judicial temperment today, it seems like we may have influenced a judge's attitude about a case!!!!!! More than likely though all we influenced was her concern to keep a good face on for the reporter that was sitting there and the people who were honking in support outside…..

As they say in Florida, "Democracy in Action."…..Yeah. Where is Jesse when we need him?

Most of us complied with a court request to stay across the street from the court, but in fact, there seems to be no regulatory authority to keep us across the street in the future. ("The Raytheon people did it" was all Manzi's Court officer would say). We'll have to check on this for the next demo. Chief of Police never mentioned anything like this. I am happy to move across the street if that is what the law says; I am not so happy about the squashing of my first amendment rights if it is only the court officers that don't wish to have their morning naps interrupted while they wait to shackle the next father…

Shoulda seen this one cop growl at Mr. Meuse's Mom when she was off the curb? Weird behavior for an adult. Most of the police applauded her and asked for a flyer. Here is a grandmother calmly telling people about her son and grandchild (OK, ok she did step in front of a few cars and pull them over for a flyer…) and he barks at her "Get out of the street," and speeds off. Maybe he had an overdose of Prozac with the morning coffee or something. Maybe it was just that time of the month for him? (I wasn't aware that First amendment rights ended at the curb either????, but I guess that is a case of public safety)

Brian, wherever you are, you would be proud of your Mom and family (and your brother was even wearing a Yankees hat).

OK, the next in our series of statewide Kangaroo Court protests against judicial child abuse is………..?



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