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Fathers Rights activists to stage Boston Custo-Tea Party

Oppressive court orders, not tea, to be dumped in Boston Harbor

BOSTON—Dec. 10, 2006—Fathers Rights activist will stage a Boston Custo-Tea Party Sunday, Dec. 10, beginning at 2pm at Faneuil Hall.

The event updates the historic Boston Tea Party which was instrumental in launching the American Revolution 233 years ago. Then, Americans revolted against their colonial masters in England. On Sunday, Fathers Rights activists and their supporters will stage a demonstration to bring attention to the plight of fathers fighting against their own government for parental rights in child custody battles.

The protestors will assemble at Faneuil Hall at 2pm, from where they will march to the Old State House to Old South Meeting House to the Boston Harbor. They will stage street theater on route and at the harbor where custody court orders will be thrown into the harbor, just as colonists threw tea into the harbor in defiance of oppressive taxation.

Objectively speaking, it is an undeniable fact that the treatment of men in divorce court is the worst wholesale persecution of a class of citizens since the abolition of slavery,

—Mark Charalambous, Spokesman
Fatherhood Coalition

Fathers Rights advocates consider Massachusetts to be one of the more virulently anti-father states. Event coordinator George Mason hopes this event will ignite a grassfire of protest and civil disobedience in Massachusetts. “The Boston Custo-Tea Party will be enacted for the first time as a symbol of disobedience,” he says.

Two years ago a non-binding statewide initiative supporting equal parenting legislation was overwhelmingly approved by the voters. According to Mason, “The people have voted 85% in favor of equal parenting. Family courts are out of control and the legislature still sits on equal parenting bills."

Fatherhood Coalition Spokesman Mark Charalambous says that Fathers Rights advocates have been trying to raise public awareness for decades, but with little success. “Objectively speaking, it is an undeniable fact that the treatment of men in divorce court is the worst wholesale persecution of a class of citizens since the abolition of slavery,” he said.

The Custo-Tea Party has captured the attention of other activists from Fathers Rights’ communities across the country. Fathers-4-Justice U.S., the American wing of the international organization that originated, ironically, in England, is co-sponsoring the event, and some of their members from out of state will be attending.

Fathers-4-Justice gained notoriety first in England by staging creative street theater events. They grabbed the media spotlight by dressing up as superheroes to show that they are real-life heroes fighting against a family court system that will disenfranchise them from their children if the mother decides, for whatever reason, she doesn’t want dad around.



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