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Shared parenting ballot initiative gains interest

BOSTON, Oct. 22 - On Election Day, Nov. 2, voters in 36 state legislative districts and one Senate district will have the opportunity to show their support for a nonbinding referendum on "shared parenting."

Shared parenting is predicated on the belief, consistent with social science research, that children of divorce and family breakup fare best when they have frequent and continued contact with both of their parents, according to Mark Charalambous, Spokesman for the Fatherhood Coalition. 

The question asks if both parents should have a "fundamental right" to shared and physical custody of their minor children, absent exceptional circumstances, Charalambous said.  A favorable outcome of the measure will spur legislation consistent with the spirit of the ballot question and lend credibility to shared parenting supporters in the Statehouse.

Statewide leaders of the Coalition are available for comment to the public and media, he said. 

For more information about the initiative, refer to our August 19 press release.

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