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Committee to Review Shared Parenting Bill

Release no. 07/03-156

BOSTON, July 8, 2003 -- Senate Bill 1075, “An Act Relative To Shared Parenting,” will be heard before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, Thursday, July 24 at 1 p.m. in Room A1 of the Statehouse, Boston.

The bill is at least one of several initiatives related to the care and custody of children, and it is among 630 bills in all that will be processed this session by the 17-member committee.

Several legislators across the state are sponsoring SB1075,including Senators Robert Hedlund, Michael Knapik, Brian Lees, Jo Ann Sprague and Richard Tisei.

According to Mike Franco, State Co-Chair for the Fatherhood Coalition: “Shared parenting, when incorporated into statute, will change the language of Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 208, Section 31, adding 'a presumption of joint physical custody to both parents in the event of divorce or separation.'”

The bill is of  “very high interest” to men and father advocates around the state, Franco said. Most fathers’ and children’s rights groups believe that joint custody shared between parents is essential for healthy families and children, and should significantly reduce acrimony inherent in child custody disputes.

“We’re working to ensure that children have frequent and continued contact with both parents,” Franco said.  Members and supporters of the coalition will attend the State House committee hearing and many of them will provide written and verbal testimony to the committee panel.

Senate Bill 1075 can be viewed at or on the coalition website at where you will find instructions on how to promote the bill.

The Fatherhood Coalition, a non-profit all volunteer organization founded in 1994, supports “shared parenting” and seeks to promote fairness in the adjudication of family law. For more information, please contact the coalition at 1-617-723-3237 or 1-413-295-DADS.

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