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Berk. 4th Dist. Candidates Support Shared Parenting

Oct. 23, 2002

Great Barrington--All three candidates for the Berkshire County Fourth District state representative seat, Democrat Smitty Pignatelli, Republican Chris Irsfeld, and Independent Candidate (a very viable independent candidate) HAVE AGREED TO SUPPORT BOTH SENATE BILL 813 AND HOUSE BILL 2546.

The candidates responded to a question posed in a debate televised by CTSB (Community Television for the Southern Berkshires) that was given by Attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo, III, spokesman for the Berkshire Fatherhood
Coalition. The debate was at Monument Mountain High School in Great Barrington. The question posed was whether they would favor a rebuttable presumption that there should be shared parenting, which could be rebutted
by evidence showing that they are unfit. All agreed yes, and responded to questions as to whether they support S. 813 and H. 2546.

Mr. Del Gallo commented, “I am ecstatic that all three candidates support both bills and shared parenting generally. This is the way it should be. Fundamental issues such as the right to be with your children should not have to ride on who is in public office. We are indeed lucky to have three courageous candidates for public office, all who took a stand, all who did not have to. The children of Berkshire County are indeed lucky.”

Mr. Pignatelli quipped, “Rinaldo’s been in more debates than the rest of us.”

Senate Bill 813 and House Bill 2546 are acts to support shared parenting.

To see the text of House Bill 2546, go here:

To see the text of Senate Bill 813, go here:

For further information, contact Rinaldo Del Gallo at 413-443-3150, or write to him at


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