For Immediate Release

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Strongly Support Shared Parenting

Pittsfield, April 23, 2002--This past Sunday, April 21, 2001, a Democratic Gubernatorial Forum was held at the Italian American Club (ITAM) in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Five of the four Democratic gubernatorial candidates were present.

Attorney Rinaldo Del Gallo of the Fatherhood Coalition asked all four candidates if they were for shared parenting, shared parenting being defined as both parents having equal access, time, and responsibility with their child upon divorce.

Of the four of the five gubernatorial candidates that showed up for the forum, all four strongly supported pro-shared parenting and gave extensive remarks in support.

Tom Birmingham—Pro Shared Parenting

Robert Reich—Pro Shared Parenting

Steve Grossman—Pro Shared Parenting

Warren Tolman—Pro Shared Parenting


All candidates received copes of Senate Bill 813 and HR2546.

All received videotapes of a CBS Evening News Story on shared parenting.


CPF / The Fatherhood Coalition

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