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Fathers' and Children's Rights Advocates to Testify for Shared Parenting Bill

Release No. 03/01-113

BOSTON, Mar. 26, 2001 – Fathers rights advocates will give testimony and support for the "Brewer Bill," Senate Bill S813 at a hearing for the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, Thursday, Mar. 29, at 1:00 p.m. in Room A-2 of the State House.

The bill, "An Act Relative To Strengthening Family Relationships Through Responsible Shared Parenting," is one of several pieces of legislation related to the care of children in the event of divorce and separation of married or unwed parents. Senate Bill S813 was introduced to the State Legislature by the Children’s Rights Council and is being sponsored by Senator Stephen M. Brewer (D), and Representatives Mark J. Carron (D) and Reed V. Hillman (R) along with various other members of the legislature from Pittsfield to Boston.

According to Ann M. Davis, Secretary for the Children’s Rights Council of Massachusetts, shared parenting will "add a presumption (in the law) of shared physical custody to divorce proceedings, recognizing that two fit parents both have a right to their children."

Most fathers’ and children’s rights groups contend that a presumption of shared physical custody along with fairness in the family court process will significantly reduce acrimony inherent in child custody disputes, and legislative initiatives like S813 are essential for healthy families.

"The legal content of S813 and its use of progressive language such as ‘shared parenting’ and ‘parenting plan’ will ensure that children have frequent and continued contact with both parents," said Mike Franco, State Co-Chair for The Fatherhood Coalition.

"The bill provides a natural inclination toward the best interests of children and will afford ‘fit’ parents the dignity and respect they deserve," Franco said.

The Fatherhood Coalition, a non-profit all volunteer organization founded in 1994, supports "shared parenting" and seeks to promote fairness in the adjudication of family law. For more information you may contact us through the Fathers' Rights Hotline at 1-413-295-DADS or via our website at


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