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Coalition of Groups Gather in Support of Shared Parenting Event

Release No. 06/01-120

June 4, 2001

WORCESTER, Mass—Three Massachusetts-based groups comprised of men, women and children, will join forces Tuesday, June 6 in support of the international "Building Bridges to Our Children" event, sponsored by the American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC).

Expected to be the largest father's rights protest in history, similar demonstrations are planned for more than 190 cities across the nation, as well as in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, England, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

In the Commonwealth, protests will be staged in eight cities from Springfield to Boston supported by the CPF/The Fatherhood Coalition, DADD (Dads Against Divorce Discrimination) and the Second Wives Crusade during the morning rush hour.The locations of the protests will vary from city-to-city with some occurring at bridges over major urban highways and others at regional county courthouses.

According to Mark Charalambous, Spokesman for The Fatherhood Coalition, their primary purpose is to advocate for "shared parenting," the arrangement following a family breakup whereby both parents will maintain, by law, a custodial relationship with their children, affording children equal access to both parents.

"We are very excited to join in this historic event," said Walter Skold, state coordinator of the event and Chairperson for DADD, the Westboro-based group."Our children have been systematically denied the love of one parent by a judicial process that discriminates against men and fathers on the basis of their gender."

"This routine victimization of fathers and children must be brought to the attention of the general public, and this protest is just one of our many way to effectively do it," Skold said. "We need sanity and justice restored in the current system."

"Shared parenting is in the obvious best interests of our children," said Mike Franco, State Co-Chair for the Fatherhood Coalition. Franco cites Dr. Warren Farrell’s latest book, "Father and Child Reunion: How to Bring the Dads We Need to the Children We Love," in which Farrell makes the case for shared parenting being the next best situation for raising children after intact families.

"Because shared parenting makes so much sense, we are calling on our legislators throughout Massachusetts to vote favorably on Senate Bill 813," Franco said, referring to the shared parenting bill, "An Act Relative To Strengthening Family Relationships Through Responsible Shared Parenting."

The passage of S-813 will "go far in restoring justice" in the State’s Probate and Family Courts, he said. The bill, which has bipartisan support from several legislators, is sponsored by Senator Stephen Brewer (D) of Barre.

"The women in our group have seen the damage done to our husbands and stepchildren and that is why we are taking to the streets in support of shared parenting," said Suzzane Taylor, of the Second Wives Crusade. "We are marching on behalf of the fathers whose Constitutional rights have been trampled and the children whose hearts have been crushed in the process."

Demonstrations will occur during the morning rush hour in the following cities: Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lawrence, Concord, Dedham, and Foxboro. Men, women and children from around New England to include the states of Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire will join us here.

For more information contact Walter Skold at 1-508-529-6136 or via e-mail at, and Mike Franco at 1-413-295-DADS or via e-mail at

For a national and/or international perspective, contact the ACFC at 1-949-859-7000 or log on to their web site at

CPF/The Fatherhood Coalition, a non-profit all volunteer organization founded in 1994, is comprised of men and women dedicated to educating the public on the importance of fatherhood. The group supports "shared parenting" through mediation and conflict resolution, and seeks to promote fairness in the adjudication of family law. Contact the Fatherhood Coalition through the Fathers' Rights Hotline at 1-413-295-DADS or via their website at

D.A.D.D was founded in 1987 and works in central Massachusetts to promote equal family rights in court and justice for children victims of divorce.

Second Wives Crusade is a nationwide organization affiliated with the ACFC.

NOTE: A special page detailing all the Massachusetts Bridges to our Children events is available online at


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