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Manzi Puts Child in Harm's Way

Judge Insists on Overlooking Hard Evidence

Father’s rights groups and concerned citizens to rally at Lawrence’s Essex County Family & Probate Court.

BOSTON, November 12--Representatives from CPF/The Fatherhood Coalition, FACT (Fathers and Children Together), The Children’s Right’s Council, and Women4Fatherhood are expected to rally behind the father in this case.

The rally is to be held on Monday, November 13 from 8 to 10 a.m.

This is an extreme case of the way courts refuse to see fathers as capable parents in their children’s lives.

FACTS: Mother, Susan Pane, is a documented drug abuser. Mother had taken illegal possession of child and ran to Florida while dad held a 209A against her and was awarded legal custody. Because of neglect and abuse, child (14 months old) had no motor skills due to general neglect and abuse. Mother was connected to Early Intervention Program and was instructed and set up with 4 weekly visits to therapy sessions to stimulate and develop much needed and deficient skills. After a few such visits, mother canceled all subsequent visits putting child even further into neglected and abusive situation at her hands. (all documentation available).

While visiting daughter in Florida, father, Brian Meuse, brought child back to state where child was legally supposed to be and sought the best medical professionals available to get assistance for his infant daughter’s serious conditions. These appointments were canceled by the mother. (documentation available)

Despite well documented evidence of mother’s drug abuse and neglect and abuse of child, Justice Mary McCauley Manzi refused to look at this evidence and outwardly expressed her will to ignore the law.

Mr. Meuse refuses to turn over child to mother and put his infant child in harms way, based on Justice Manzi’s abuse of discretion. He has had no other option other than to exercise self-help. Judge Manzi refuses to view the facts and make a responsible decision, based on the facts and history of this case.

Any orders of the court set forth as conditions for mother to regain custody might appear to be an adequate remedy. However, mother has already absconded with the child and refused to get child sufficient services due to her own drug problems. Turning this child back over to the mother will simply give her the child and have her running out of state, again, where the orders of the court will be mute for all practical and realistic purposes. She maintains no known Mass. address of her own.

Marissa Lyne Meuss has been denied her God given human rights to protection from both an abusive mother and Justice Manzi’s total abuse of reasonable discretion. Mr. Meuse’s rights as a father are also being totally ignored. He is fully capable of providing his child the love, stimulation, nurturing and all therapies in order to bring his child to a level of development where she should be.

The hard documented evidence Judge Manzi refuses to look at is overwhelming.

Hearings related to contempt charges of court orders against both parties will be heard on Monday. Will Justice Manzi exercise an abuse of her discretion again?

Father’s Rights Groups throughout Mass. and much of the general citizenry are aware of the current grave injustice that has been transpiring in this case. There will be many supporters for this child and Mr. Meuse on hand.

Further information and/or the documented facts regarding this case, they are available upon request to the media from attorney for Mr. Brian Meuse, Ms. Barbara Johnson of Andover.


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