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No Happy Fathers Day for Non-Custodial Fathers

DOR "Responsible Fatherhood" event at Statehouse mocks fatherhood

Fatherhood Coalition to hold counter demonstration Tuesday

BOSTON, June 13— While the Department of Revenue celebrates "responsible fatherhood" at the Statehouse today, the Fatherhood Coalition will hold a counter demonstration outside, Tuesday, June 13, from noon to 1 p.m. to draw attention to the shocking mistreatment of divorced fathers.

Two months ago, Steven Cook, a Needham divorced father, was driven to suicide. Despondent over losing his daughter, his home and all his belongings, he was jailed in January for calling his four-year-old daughter on the wrong day of the week.

But the DOR will be giving out awards to what they call "good" fathers—and the definition is all about cash: paying extortionary child support on time to the state agency.

Massachusetts child support: Crippling and extortionary

Massachusetts child support guidelines are the highest in the nation, topping off at a whopping 40.25% of the non-custodial parent's (NCP) gross income. According to Arizona State University professor Sanford Braver, a specialist in post-divorce research and author of "Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths," in Massachusetts an average divorced mother's standard of living rises 25% while the average father's falls 20%, according to the guidelines.

According to Fatherhood Coalition co-chairman John Flaherty, "There is something very wrong when government bean-counters define fatherhood. How can a government agency that puts fathers in jail and drives them to suicide be an authority on fatherhood? Responsible fathers resist government extortion that undermines their ability to parent their children."

Coalition spokesman Mark Charalambous adds: "With its sole emphasis on money and 'responsible'-and 'non-abusive'-father propaganda, the DOR defiles fatherhood. It runs a Fatherhood Commission that excludes divorced fathers from participation. No respectable fatherhood advocate should endorse this cruel hoax."

Bias against men the norm in family court

The courts maintain there is no bias against men, and that they operate solely on "the best interests of the child." Yet the best designed published research on divorce, by Sanford Braver, shows that both men and women agree, after a divorce, that the courts were slanted towards the woman.

The truth is obvious to any unbiased observer spending a day in any of the state's family courts. One sees a steady stream of women demanding money and domestic abuse prevention (209A) orders. With rare exceptions, the plaintiffs are all women, and the men either leave in handcuffs or with a court order punishing them further.

Every day in the state's family courts devastated fathers can be observed pleading for a court order allowing them to see or contact their children. It is heartbreaking to watch a father plead for the right to telephone his own children, while the wife's attorney is asking for a contempt of court sentence because he is two weeks in arrears of a $500 per week child support order. To a foreign observer, the family court resembles a war crimes tribunal rather than a real court of justice.

This is the sixth consecutive year that the Fatherhood Coalition has held a Fathers Day protest.

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