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Letter to the Editor

A need to right judicial abuses

By Mike Franco, March 24, 2004

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A need to right judicial abuses The Daily Collegian Mar. 24, 2004



Dear Editor:

Regarding family law and the court, most judges and some lawyers must be reined in before they further damage our families. It is clear they are using our children by way of gender politics and power so they can transfer wealth to themselves, the institution of family law, and to persons of the right gender.

Their conduct under the "color of law," and with the protections given to them in their official capacities is harmful and abusive to our children. The only true way to prevent this abuse is by limiting the discretion of judges by law while concurrently making them accountable to the people. This may be achieved peacefully with the enactment of new and reformed law into our general laws and state constitution, which will promote the presumption of shared parenting and call for the periodic certification of judges.

Many judicial abuses are subtle, and as such, insidiously creep into our lives. In one local judge's recent decision, she ruled in a way that is likely to empower the esteem and behavior of a minor child on the basis of the child's "desire" not to see her father. Yet, we must ask ourselves if this type of state imposed empowerment is appropriate for our children.

Furthermore, will our children truly feel empowered by these statist-elitist impositions and those who take advantage of the systemic failure of our governmental processes and laws, or will our children with maturity and acquired wisdom realize that these people have used them only to benefit themselves.

Let us right the wrongs now; enact shared parenting and constitutionally require the certification of judges by the people. Call your legislators today.

Mike Franco
State Chairman
The Fatherhood Coalition