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ACFC http://www.acfc.org/ PRESS RELEASE: December 2, 2004

A Bill of Address (attached as a Word document) to remove Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret Marshall from office was submitted today to the state legislature.

The Bill of Address is sponsored by Massachusetts State Representative Philip Travis of the Fourth District Bristol County, State Representative Emile Goguen of the Third District Worcester County and Mr. Edward "Zed" McLarnon of Malden.

Mr. McLarnon, a forensic investigator with 23 years experience, has been investigating the Massachusetts judiciary for nine years. His investigation revealed evidence that discloses that Chief Justice Marshall and her judiciary have unconstitutionally "legislated from the bench" laws and legal precedents that benefit judges and are used by "legal industries" such as the divorce and abuse industries to separate children from their fathers and seniors from their families - for money.

McLarnon has physical evidence that several Massachusetts courts illegally edit court-hearing tapes, doctor dockets, alter court files and hide court files. McLarnon has complained of these illegal acts by judges and court personnel to the Superior Court, the Judicial Conduct Committee and Margaret Marshall's Supreme Judicial Court where his complaints were covered up by judicial fraud, misrepresentations and stonewalling.

When challenged as to what "laws" the Massachusetts judiciary legislated from the bench, McLarnon responded "judges have legislated their own Absolute Immunity to the point where they are immune from civil suits even when they knowingly and willfully base their judicial rulings on fraud." McLarnon alleges that this "law" allows judges to operate 'above the law' as an aristocracy and makes second-class citizens of the rest of us. The judiciary hides this law under the title "public policy." 

McLarnon further stated "Margaret Marshall and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court re-wrote the Anti-SLAPP Law to immunize social workers who submit fraudulent clinical evaluations that condemn people they have never met or interviewed, and mothers who lie in court to unlawfully gain custody of children. "State representative Philip Travis, a co-sponsor of this bill, is one of the authors of the Anti-SLAPP Law and understands how Marshall's SJC stood the original intent of the Anti-SLAPP Law on its head, which was to protect private citizens from frivolous countersuits from large corporations that they sue.

"When a father walks into Family Court, he is the only one in the courtroom without immunity to commit perjury and fraud," continued McLarnon. "Absolute Immunity allows the judge to commit fraud, the Anti-SLAPP precedence set by the SJC allows the mother to commit perjury and fraud and her social workers to submit fraudulent clinical evaluations." As a result of this kangaroo court, the father loses custody of his children and is ordered to pay child support - of which the state makes matching federal funds.

McLarnon is the founder/president of CASK, a coalition comprised of victims who have lost family members as a result of judges having court hearing tapes illegally edited to support their fraudulent rulings. McLarnon claims the divorce and abuse industries use these illegal tactics to remove custody of children for federal funds and seniors to drain their estates. 

"When judges make law the legislative process is undermined and we no longer have a representative republic," stated McLarnon.

McLarnon can be reached at zed.mc@verizon.net His case/investigation can be reviewed at http://www.masskidnap.com/StateKidnapping.html 

Representative Travis can be reached at the State House at Rep.PhilipTravis@hou.state.ma.us 617-722-2430 and 508-252-3683 in Rehoboth.

Representative Goguen can be reached at the State House at Rep.EmileGoguen@hou.state.ma.us 617-722-2400 and 978-345-6146 in Fitchburg.


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