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Mike Franco case file

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Support Michael Franco's struggle for justice

UPDATE  Jan. 2004 Mass. Appeals court uses anti-SLAPP statute to dismiss Franco's claims of abuse of process and malicious prosecution. Appeals court decision: Franco v. Mudford

Oct. 2003   Mike Franco's requests for recusal of the judges on his case have all been denied. Franco asked the three judges to step aside from his case in the Hampden Probate & Family Court for lies, bigotry and cowardice, and the fact that none of them have it in their character to afford his daughter Victoria and he a fair hearing, ongoing since the spring of 1999.

The Motions to Recuse are as follows:

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If shared parenting were law, Victoria Franco would not be separated from her loving father, Mike Franco, by more than 2,100 miles.  Read here how the mother's removal of Victoria to Texas denies her access to her father and family here. The "moveaway" was allowed by Family Court Judge Anne Geoffrion under a permanent order with minimal access to the father, but now the Court will not even enforce its own ill-contrived and bigoted order for visitation essentially rejecting the retention of "custody jurisdiction" by Massachusetts.

Judge David Fuller says Mike Franco needs to take the matter up in Texas now after he spent tens of thousands of dollars and more than five years litigating and appealing the discriminatory actions of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court. Franco believes he is being politically persecuted and targeting by judges in Hampden County because he leads one of the state's most active fathers' rights organizations.

"These judges think they're going to run us out of town," Franco said. "But they've got it wrong because we're going to run them out of town."

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Appeals court decision: Franco v. Mudford

Advertisement/case introduction/general information

Memorandum by Judge Sacks in Support of denial of Motion for Recusal

Motion for recusal of Judge Fuller

Mike Franco's testimony to Judiciary Committee regarding shared parenting legislation, Sept. 25, 2003