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Free Congress Foundation News on Demand radio transcript

PBS Documentary Portrays the Nazi Mind

By Stephen Baskerville, March 21, 2003, http://www.fcfnewsondemand.org/

This week, PBS aired a seven-hour documentary depicting the mindset of Nazi hatemongers. Extraordinary footage of actual dialogue among operatives reveals science and psychotherapy being twisted into political weapons. The film depicts mass processing centers railroading thousands into incarceration with little concern for legal niceties.

The film is called "Domestic Violence," though little in the film is actually on domestic violence. It is entirely about how government officials discuss domestic violence. It is as if one really did make a film about Nazis at work and called it "Jews in Germany."

Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman never questions his subjects’ assertions. Nor does he allow the objects of this hearsay a word in their own defense.

He does offer a glimpse of the semi-totalitarian processing centers for those accused of domestic violence, with mass arrests, mass arraignments via television, and mass incarcerations without trial. Yet even this is obviously whitewashed.

"It’s very hard to get into a shelter," Wiseman says. So he is an approved propagandist, seeing what operatives want him to see. It is reminiscent of how credulous westerners got carefully controlled tours of the Soviet Union and then issued glowing reports.

In its review, the Washington Post claims that up to one-third of dating teenagers are [quote] "being abused verbally, mentally, emotionally, and-or physically by their partners." So, all this domestic "violence," it turns out, is not even violent. It is verbal, mental, and emotional. It is a violation of no law but whatever the alleged "victim" says it is.

"Whatever the woman says is what we believe," says one officer as a man is led away in handcuffs.

This film is seven hours of self-indulgent spectacle. But some troublesome facts we are not told:

No evidence indicates that women are the only or even the primary victims of domestic violence.

Most domestic violence arises during divorce and custody disputes. An intact family is the safest place for women and children.

Child abuse takes place overwhelmingly in the homes of single mothers. Father’s inflict very little child abuse.

Throughout the United States, knowingly innocent men are accused of "violence" that everyone in the courtroom knows did not take place. These men lose their children, homes, savings and go to jail without trial. No one even denies this is taking place. Yet neither PBS nor any other media expose this in seven-hour documentaries.

For FCF News on Demand, this is Stephen Baskerville.

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Stephen Baskerville

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