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An open letter to Senators Biden and Hatch regarding VAWA


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Honorable Senator Joseph Biden
221 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Honorable Senator Orrin Hatch
131 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

September 25, 2000


Dear Senator,

We oppose the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

Americans pride themselves on living in a free society. What exactly is meant by "free"? Generally, that we are safe and secure in our homes from arbitrary police actions and that we are free to speak our minds. And, that by accident of birth we are not assigned into some second tier of citizenship because of race, national origin or sex, where we would be subjected to a double standard of justice in our courts of law.

We have come to expect these rights as being self-evident. Indeed, many of the older generation died fighting the bloodiest war in human history to defend these very freedoms. We, the people, take it for granted that you, as a United States senator, understand the meaning of a free society, and just as importantly that you recognize the paramount importance of preserving our freedom.

Apparently you, and many of your colleagues, do not.

You are engaged in promoting a bill that appropriates nearly five billion dollars of taxpayer money to fund programs that are the very antithesis of a free society. I am speaking, of course, of the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

By it's very name VAWA fails the third test of free society: it targets one specific class of people, males. If you cannot understand why it is wrong, and we believe unconstitutional, to write a law that specifically names one class of people as being more deserving of protection of the law please reread the Bill of Rights.

The programs that VAWA funds all have one thing in common: they promote the demonization of men. Battered women's shelters, law enforcement and judicial "education" programs on domestic violence, and so-called "batterers intervention" programs are all predicated on radical feminist ideology that defines relations between the sexes in terms of power and control, rather than love and reciprocity. They all promote the same anti-male bigotry: that men, as a social class, use violence to control and oppress women, as a social class.

That this bigotry is apparently supported by evidence is immaterial. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics, and feminists have made liberal use of all of these to convince you and the public of the evils of men. Legitimate, peer-reviewed scientific studies have always shown that women are just as likely to initiate domestic violence as men. In their disinformation campaigns, feminists have intentionally ignored one-half of the data.

You have allowed what is essentially a hate group, the National Organization of Women, to guide your thinking and actions. N.O.W. has an open-ended goal: the empowerment of women at any expense. Thanks to the misdirected chivalry and political pandering of legislators such as you, the rule of law, so precious to our way of life, has been operationally transformed in gender relations law to the "rule of women."

Today, in many courthouses across the nation, a judge is turning to a female plaintiff and asking her whether or not she wants her ex-husband or father of her children thrown into jail. When one entire class of people are scared to death to walk into our courts "of equity," something is very wrong.

Thanks to the untiring efforts of these victim-feminists, in matters of law women are now automatically assumed to belong to a victim class, and men subordinated to a "batterer" or "abuser" class. This pathology is supported and promoted by the organizations that will be funded through VAWA. Today, for men embroiled in divorce, custody disputes, or just simply failed relationships, the United States resembles a police state more than a free society.

No, Senator, we do not need to expand the class of victims and expend more resources to support male victims of domestic violence. We do need an end to divisive identity politics, bigotry, and anti-male hate speech that masquerades as "social progress", and a return to DUE PROCESS OF LAW, EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW and THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE, all of which have been subverted by so-called "feminist jurisprudence."

These, sir, are the foundations of a free society. These notions, enshrined in the Bill of Rights, are the pillars of our freedom and serve as the bulwark against state tyranny. They are not to be temporarily suspended, nor are they to be pushed aside in favor of more pressing social concerns.




Mark Charalambous, Spokesman

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