Ray Saulnier's letter to the editor

Boston Herald

March 5, 1999

Dear Editor:

What's all the fuss these victim feminists are making about a study being performed in Gardner? What are they afraid of ? These very same people are releasing their own studies as fast as they can turn them out. The media scoops them up as if they are gospel and brainwashes the public with their so-called findings; many of which have been later proven to be flawed or phony.

We should take our hats off to those fathers who wish to do a valid and concise study regarding the issuance of 209A restraining orders. This is public information available to anyone who wishes to access the information. And it should be. This study and the working of these researchers is creating no victims, contrary to the myths circulating to prevent truths which may be revealed.

Let valid and valuable studies continue. Especially those which cannot be manipulated, threatened and/or influenced by grants given and controlled by political and special interests. This research is being done without such assistance or control.

What these victim feminists are really afraid of is the possibility of exposure. If we really wish to cure the ills in our society, we must predicate our attitudes and legislation on facts, not old myths.

Raymond Saulnier

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