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Fathers coalition wants Bay State to consider marriage more sacred

By Cindy J. Roth, Metropoint News, Tu. Feb. 10, 2004

For The Fatherhood Coalition, it isnt a matter of which is right, heterosexual or homosexual marriage. Its about waging war on courts they claim have been treating fathers like second-class citizens for decades.


Were up against like powers that be in the courts, said Mike Franco, state chairman of The Fatherhood Coalition.


Its judicial tyranny and activism where judges are using their discretion to put forth a political agenda.


Although The Fatherhood Coalition has no official stance on the gay marriage debate, the nonprofit group was one of dozens at an antigay marriage rally on Boston Common Sunday, the first of many events planned this week as the state Legislature prepares to take up a Constitutional amendment tomorrow that would outlaw gay marriage.


Franco said that even though many of its members are burnt out on the idea of marriage and having to fight for equal custody of their children that they say they pay more than half the support for, members of the Coalition want the institution of marriage to be considered more sacred by the state.


The Commonwealth makes a mockery of marriage the way the law is processed and administered, Franco said. It seems kind of strange that so many of us would support traditional marriage after being treated so poorly. We just dont think marriage is held to a high enough esteem. Were fighting the same enemy -- the courts.


Cindy J. Roth


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