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Injustice is close to home

Letter by Mike Franco, MetroWest Daily News, Feb. 2, 2003

During my 2 1/2-year tenure as state co-chair for The Fatherhood Coalition (based in Milford, Mass), I have seen the interruption of thousands of father-child relationships as a result of intervention by the Probate & Family Court.

In many of these cases, the court appears to have been extraordinarily intrusive and heavy-handed, literally robbing fathers and children the opportunity of their most fundamental right to foster meaningful relationships with one another.

These dads and their kids are missing those precious years, and in the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Lost time is never found again." It happened to me and my daughter, Victoria, and it can happen to you or someone you care about like your son, brother, grandchild or a dear friend. The affect on us from this travesty is one of the most pervasive social ills of our time -- children without the real influence and teaching of their natural fathers.

Try for a moment to forget about Iraq, other rogue states and terrorist entities outside of our nation. Pause and look within. Americans and Massachusetts citizens must understand that the battle for freedom and democracy begins on our streets within our communities. We must identify the injustices here first, and rid society of the bigotry and hypocrisy of a judiciary that creeps insidiously into our lives, homes and families.

The trial court forum of the family court, through the devices of its judges and corrupt apparatus promotes a system so money driven and politically motivated that it functions predominately to preserve itself at the expense of ordinary families and good people. And many of the appointed authorities, particularly those with conservative-pragmatist or liberal-feminist ideologies, resist change by way of their contemptuous power to fulfill an agenda, fill their coffers, or both.

Our elected officials, as well, lose sight of what is fair. In the outset of their service they should legislate without waiting for the safety net of popular opinion. What good are "leaders" if we, the citizenry, must lead them? They only squander our time and money, and stand in the way of our liberties and pursuit of happiness as guaranteed by the state and federal constitutions. They must be held accountable in action or inaction for unreasonably prolonged social injustice.

Listen carefully to your fellow citizens; the victims of the family court. The truth is that our own officials whom we have entrusted are cheating us from our most fundamental, natural and God-given rights. And although I am retiring from my position with one of the most prominent fathers' rights organizations based in the Northeast, I will continue to work with other advocates and activists to oppose those who immorally stand between us and our children.


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