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Massachusetts Conservatives Express Their Views on Mitt Romney

Part 2: (including) Mark Charalambous, Fatherhood Coalition, Co-founder and Spokesman

By Ed Oliver, Massachusetts News, February, 2003 print edition

MassNews spoke with 18 citizens, a cross section of Massachusetts conservatives, last month to get their early take on Governor Mitt Romney.

Fiscal conservatives are mostly optimistic about Romney's ability to manage the current budget deficit, although they don't seem to expect a radical departure from big government.

Social conservatives want Romney to look up from the spreadsheets at other issues, but most seem resigned to four more years of inattention to family values at best, and pro-active championing of a liberal social agenda at worst.

Those who want a resurgent Republican Party expressed hope that Romney will work to rebuild the party by helping to recruit and support good candidates.


Massachusetts Conservatives Express Their Views on Mitt Romney

This is the second of three installments of conservative opinions about the new Governor; his challenges and his chances for success. We lead today with Don Feder, former Boston Herald columnist and a man who is to the right of Ronald Reagan on most issues. We also hear from the Fatherhood Coalition, the Massachusetts Family Institute, the Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage, the Gun Owners action League and the Massachusetts Citizens for Life.

Come back tomorrow for our final installment featuring Howie Carr, Chip Ford, Laurie Letourneau, Marshall Moriarty, Brian Camenker, Jeanine Graf, and more.

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Mark Charalambous

Fatherhood Coalition, Co-founder and Spokesman

While we are hopeful that in the long run Mitt will turn out to be a good Governor for the Commonwealth as a whole with respect to the state's financial and economic woes, the state's non-custodial fathers in Massachusetts have no reason to be optimistic. Mitt has not responded to any of our overtures for a dialogue, neither during the campaign nor since taking office.

He is apparently continuing the pattern of his Republican predecessors in viewing fathers rights as some kind of subset of womens issues. We have been told that he is putting our issues in Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey's domain-which is bad news for us since Healey is a victim/feminism partisan who claims some kind of authority/expertise in domestic violence. This is bad news not just for non-custodial fathers, but for all males.

While the Fatherhood Coalition was very pleased that Romney triumphed Over Democratic candidate Shannon O'Brien, despite her leading in the polls up until the election, fathers need to remember that it was under the Republican Gubernatorial leadership of Weld and Cellucci that the feminist War on Fatherhood made its greatest advances in Massachusetts.

Romney's refusal to respond to our overtures indicates to me that he intends to follow in Weld and Cellucci's footsteps. He has so far ignored our concerns about the anti-father bias in the courts and the domestic violence, child abuse, and child support regimes that are crucifying fathers in the name of protecting women and providing for children. He has instead gone so far as to appoint Judith Beals, the discredited former spokesman for Jane Doe, to his transition team.

What Romney needs to hear from someone is that his onerous task of trimming government spending to close the $2 billion budget gap need not be perceived as a tradeoff between solvency and shared sacrifice. Some of the programs allocated in the state budget are actually extremely harmful.

The so-called "victim-witness" programs that are budgeted for district attorneys and elsewhere are wreaking havoc throughout the Commonwealth as women are encouraged and emboldened to fabricate allegations of domestic abuse, rape and child abuse. All the cottage industries that have sprung up around the child abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and child support extortion rackets: visitation centers, battered women's shelters, victim-witness advocates, rape crisis centers, etc., despite their honorable claims, are in actuality a menace to the good people of the Commonwealth as well as a financial drain. De-funding them will be a blessing.


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