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Equal Choices for Both Men and Women

Letter to the Editor

By Steve Basile, Boston Globe, Jan. 26, 2003

DIANNE LUBY of Planned Parenthood ponders whether the promise of equality granted by Roe v. Wade has been fulfilled for women (''The promise of equality in Roe v. Wade decision,'' op ed, Jan. 21). The answer is no, they have not achieved equality.

What they have achieved is an overwhelming superiority.

Men do not have veto power to stop an unwanted pregnancy and are yet subjected to paying decades of support to raise that child. Nor do men have the power to stop an unwanted abortion, yet a domestic battering that causes the death of that unborn child is considered murder.

There is no equality unless there is no choice or equal choice for both men and women. There are plenty of fathers who would choose to raise their child, without the aid of child support. It is just as reasonable to force a woman to continue pregnancy for nine months as it is to force a man to pay child support for 20-plus years.

Equal choice may be a compromise that would save the lives of many unborn children.

Director, North Central Chapter
Fatherhood Coalition


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