Governor's Council to Hold Public Hearing for Two Judicial Nominees Oct. 28 and Nov. 4 (UPDATED 11/7/09)

The Mass. Governor's Council will hold a public hearing on Oct. 28 at the State House (Governor's Patrick's office) for judicial nominee Shannon Frison as Associate Justice of the Roxbury Court at 10:30 a.m and on Nov. 4 for Beverly Cannone as Associate Justice of the Quincy District Court at 10:30 a.m. Coalition supporters are encouraged to attend.

The Fatherhood Coalition will submit a questionnaire to both candidates to determine how they stand on issues affecting men and fathers in the courts.

UPDATE: Shanon Frison did not respond to our questionnaire nor did the Council relay our questions to her during the Oct. 28. public hearing. After the hearing Ms. Frison was by asked The Fatherhood Coalition if she would respond to our questions. Her answer was quite startling-she had been instructed by the governor's ofice not to answer any questions unless they came from the council. Governor Patrick apparently believes gag orders are good public policy.NEW! (11/7/09) The word from the Governor's office is that there is no instruction to nominees about responding to our questionnaire. Good news but one has to wonder why Ms. Frison said that she was so instructed.

UPDATE (11/7/09) on Beverly Canonne. At the Nov. 4 hearing Ms. Canonne said she had not received our questionnaire. WE have since resent it to her. She also said that inher 20-plus years of legal service she had not seen the mis-implementation of MGL 209a. A disappointing statement but we will wait to receive her answers to our questionnaire before making a final recommendation to the Mass. Governor's Council on her nomination to Quincy District Court. The vote on her nomination will take place Nov. 18.