State-Wide Unity Conference

ANNOUNCEMENT: [Massachusetts] State-Wide Unity Conference

What: Father's Rights Unity Conference and Forum

Why: Enough is enough, let's get this mother rolling...
We ARE going to change the way things are done in Massachusetts,
but we need YOUR help!

Sponsor: Coalition for the Preservation of Fatherhood (CPF)

When: Saturday, November 12th, 1994

Where: Framingham State College
Dr. Justin McCarthy College Center (Room 419)
Corner of State and Maynard, Framingham

From west:
Mass Pike to exit 12, Route 9. Route 9 east to Framingham State
College, exit at Fr. State College/Framingham. Continue following
blue signs. Park behind building.

From east:
Mass Pike to exit 13, Route 30 west. Continue straight on 30 until
intersection with Route 9 (same direction). Route 9 east to Framingham
State College, exit at Fr. State College/Framingham. Continue
following blue signs. Park behind building.

Registration: $15.00 advanced registration, $18.00 at door (advanced
registration strongly encouraged). Payable to:
Coalition for the Preservation of Fatherhood
mail to: Coalition for the Preservation of Fatherhood
171 Milk Street, Boston, MA. 02109

You will be mailed written information about the conference
including a map.

Ride-sharing: Call Mike at (617) 442-6496

Child care: Available on-site. Call Alan at (508) 372-3648

Meals: Lunch included in the registration price.

Agenda outline:
8:00 Danish & coffee.
8:45 Opening: Welcome and introduction. Guest speaker.
9:45 Education:
Domestic violence statute abuse
10:40 break
11:00 Education (cont.)
Legal affairs
Pro se representation
Class action suits
Goals and time frames for actions
11:30 Child support guidelines

Noon: Presentation of overall timetable/1995 proposals

12:15 Lunch (provided)

1:15 Service packets
1:30 Leadership Panel and Forum: "Coordinating Efforts"
2:45 Break
3:00 Breakouts
1. Legal issues
2. Domestic violence statute abuse
3. Custody
4. Child support

4:30 Reconvene:
1. Unified platform proposed and voted on
2. 1995 action ideas summary/sign-up
3. Phone tree proposals set in place
4. Announcement of spring meeting
5. Adjourn

Mass Appeal: Unity for Father's Rights Conference
First Annual Massachusetts Father's Rights Leadership Conference
Presented by the Coalition for the Preservation of Fatherhood

Father's Rights in Massachusetts in 1995 and beyond: Time for a change.
Change in attitude

A positive attitude based on confidence and resoluteness. Together we will establish an agenda that presents the issues of concern to us--custody, domestic violence, child support, etc.--FROM OUR PERSPECTIVE. WE will define, present and argue the issues on OUR terms. No longer will we allow the debate on these issues to be defined and monopolized by an extremist faction of gender feminist thought.

Change in agenda

An agenda that speaks loudly and clearly "No more business as usual in the Commonwealth. Enough is Enough".

An agenda that calls for an end to the abuse of Mass' domestic violence laws. The Constitutionality of these laws (209A) must be successfully challenged and struck down in Federal Court, to be followed by class action damage suits to pay for the pain and suffering incurred by the thousands of men who have had their lives ruined by false allegations of abuse.

An end to the maternal preference that exists in probate court that essentially leads to divorce judgments tailored to the desires of the mother. A transformation of the divorce system FROM one that is presently little more than a collection of weapons provided to women to play out their anger at men individually and as a class, TO one that penalizes parents who insist on acting out their anger in the legal arena, and provides incentives to parents to act in the best interests of their children.

An agenda that calls for an end to the proliferation of heterophobic deep feminist social workers and court personnel who, though profoundly lacking in the experiential and psychological skills necessary to render sound judgments regarding family matters, nonetheless are employed to do just that, to the detriment of fathers and children throughout the Commonwealth.

An agenda that calls for a systematic and sustained attack on sexist reporting in the media, particularly The Boston Globe. We will no longer tolerate the biased reporting that has become a staple of journalism in The Commonwealth.

Change in tactics

No more defeatist strategies that tacitly adhere to ground-rules established by radical gender feminists. No more watered-down positions modified for political palatability. Instead, pro-active strategies that come "through the front door":

Marches, demonstrations, and protest rallies.
Mass letter-writing campaigns to the media and politicians.
Self-education on the law.
Insistence on adherence to the law in our cases in court.

Appeals, appeals, and more appeals.