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Why gay marriage matters for Fathers Rights
R. Tarpaeian, Aug. 7, 07
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Study Wars: The Fathers Strike Back
New research shows bias in restraining orders

Mark Charalambous, July 11, 2005

Mark Charalambous' State House shared parenting testimony, May 17, 05

Michael O'Neil's State House shared parenting testimony, May 17, 05

Mark Charalambous' State House 209A reform testimony, May 17, 05

Michael O'Neil's State House 209A reform testimony, May 17, 05

Chief Justice Margaret Marshall accused of corruption and crimes
Press release, C.A.S.K./ACFC, Dec. 2, 2004

Electorate to Dem. Party: It's the morality, stupid
Mark Charalambous, Dec. 2, 2004

Letter to Editor
Pat Friedman, Daily Hampshire Gazette, Oct. 30, 2004

Joint custody is best for kids
Ned Holstein / Guest Columnist, Metro West Daily News, Oct. 30, 2004

Ballot question concerns shared parenting
The Sun (Holyoke), Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2004

Feminist Dogma on Partner Abuse
Cathy Young, Boston Globe, Oct 11, 2004

Ballot measure appeal rejected
Jack Dew,  Berkshire Eagle Staff, Oct. 5, 2004

Has the impotent father’s rights movement finally found its Viagra in F4J?
Fathers-4-Justice blaze trail for father’s rights

Mark Charalambous, June 28, 2004

Harvard researcher hides study data behind university lawyers
Steve Basile challenges latest domestic violence junk-science ‘study’

Mark Charalambous, June 28, 2004

Is there really a crisis in Fatherhood?
Stephen Baskerville, The Independent Review, spring, 2004

Massachusetts Chief Justice Marshall's Basis for 'Gay Marriage' a Lie
Zed McLarnon, Mens News Daily, Mar. 12, 2004

Father's Rights before Gay Rights
Mark Charalambous, Feb. 27, 2004

[Mark Charalambous] Letter to the editor:
Judicial support of same-sex unions a slap in the face to father's rights
Sentinel & Enterprise Mar. 6, 2004
MetroWest Daily New , Mar. 2, 2004

Same-sex unions is a slap to dad's rights, Holyoke Sun, Mar. 11-17, 2004
SJC's 'gang of four' should be impeached, The Salem News, Mar. 9, 2004

Media Bias: Liberal or Conservative?
Mark Charalambous, Family Operations, Feb. 17, 2004

Four Arguments Against Gay Marriage
Mark Charalambous, Nov. 23, 2003

Chairman's Message
Mike Franco, Sept.., 2003

Domestic Violence Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
Mark Charalambous, Nov. 9, 2003

Mike Franco case file Table of Contents
Oct. 1, 2003

Mike Franco's testimony to Judiciary Committee
Sept. 25, 2003

Mike Franco's Affidavit in Support of Motion for Recusal of Judge Fuller
Sept. 10, 2003

Mike Franco's Motion to Recuse Judge Sacks
August 6, 2003

Mike Franco case publicity advertisement
July, 2003

Inside a 'Batterers Program' for 'Abused' Women
Women Violating Women

Nev Moore,, July 29, 2003

Rape Shield Law and Feminist Jurisprudence Corrupt Justice
July 25, 2003

Two Lies Predominate in Michigan Decisions
Mark Charalambous, Telegram & Gazette, July 3, 2003

Murder Highlights Inherent Problems at DSS
Mark Charalambous, Cape Codder, July 3, 2003

Divorce as Revolution
Stephen Baskerville, The Salisbury Review, Summer, 2003

Human Rights Are Not For Men
Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, June 19, 2003

Cut Men: Do They Not Bleed?
Wendy McElroy, Fox News, May 13, 2003

Government as Family Therapist
A dangerous cycle

Stephen Baskerville, National Review Online, May 6, 2003

Free Congress Foundation News on Demand radio transcript
PBS Documentary Portrays the Nazi Mind

Stephen Baskerville, Mar. 21, 2003

Barbara Johnson, 'Queen of the Silenced,' speaks out on judicial immunity
Barbara Johnson, Mar. 11, 2003

Junk Science Proliferates in Domestic Violence Research
Subtext: Intellectual corruption of the social sciences
Mark Charalambous, Feb. 2003

A Firsthand Fathers Rights Analysis of PBS Frontline's:
"Failure to Protect (Part I): The Taking of Logan Marr"
Robert Lindsay; Cheney, Jr.  Jan. 31, 2003
"Failure to Protect (Part II): The Case Worker Files"
[and a Fred Friendly seminar]

Robert Lindsay; Cheney, Jr.  Feb.. 9, 2003

MC Hammers... University of Michigan and Racial Preferences
Mark Charalambous, Jan. 18, 2003

Law Should Not Bar Treatment for Batterers
Judge Milton Raphaelson, Letter to the editor, Telegram & Gazette, Dec. 18, 2002

Saddam, Osama, and Me
Daniel Grubbs, Dec. 11, 2002

MC Hammers... Shannon O'Brien
Mark Charalambous, Nov. 8, 2002

"Dear Mr. Romney"
CPF letter to Romney campaign, Sept. 12, 2002

A Father Acts
Stephen Baskerville, Free Congress Foundation, Aug. 15, 2002

No Virtue in 'Virtual Visitation' Rights
Glenn Sacks and Dianna Thompson, Boston Globe, July 12, 2002

A 'Marriage Strike' Emerges as Men Decide Not to Risk Loss
Glenn Sacks and Dianna Thompson, Philadelphia Inquirer, July 5, 2002

"The Father’s Rights Movement is A Civil Rights Movement"
A Speech Presented Before Representative Kelley and Larkin in May 2002

Rinaldo Del Gallo, III, Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition Chairman, May 2002

Whither Manhood and Fatherhood;
It's Time to Yell 'Fire' in This Theate
Gerald Rowles, Ph.D., Toogood Reports, Mar. 25, 2002

Fatherhood Coalition Statement on New Child Support Guideline
Feb. 5, 2002

Are Fathers' Rights a Factor in Male Suicide?
Wendy McElroy, FOX NEWS,   Jan. 29, 2002

CPF letter to Dortch-Okara
January 13, 2002

Distraught Father's Courthouse Suicide Highlights America's Male Suicide Epidemic
Glenn Sacks, San Diego Union-Tribune, Jan. 11, 2002

Dear Editor: Response to Reminder article
The Reminder, Jan. 8, 2002, George Shroder, Co-Chairman Fatherhood Coalition Hampshire County chapter, (written Dec. 21, 2001)

Debtor's Prison is Alive and Well
Mark Charalambous, Dec. 20, 2001

A Tool Kit to Destroy Families
Stephen Baskerville, Washington Times, Dec. 9, 2001

The Matriarchy Rules
Termination of CEGEP course on Men's Lives eliminated a challenge to feminist domination

Jeffrey Asher, The Ottawa Citizen, Dec. 2001

Holidays Hit Noncustodial Parents the Hardest
Tony Zizza, November-December/2001

Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition sue mental health clinic
Nov. 2001

Domestic Violence Law Enforcement Guidelines
Revised October 2001
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Public Safety
(PDF format, Adobe Acrobat required)

Attorney Says Men Treated Like Second-Class Citizens in Dedham Probate Court
'That Child Will be Damaged for Life'

Massachusetts News, Nov. 2001

Bibliography of over 100 scholarly references and citations pertaining to female domestic violence
Martin S. Fiebert, Dept. of Psychology, California State Univ., Long Beach

Berkshire Fatherhood Coalition chairman addresses common myths about arrest in domestic situations in letter to editor
Rinaldo Del Gallo III, Oct. 15, 2001

Ex-Wife has Ken Newell Arrested Again by Holbrook, Brockton Police
Police violate law by arresting without probable cause

Ed Oliver, Massachusetts News,  Oct. 16, 2001

Teen wants kids heard in divorces
Ken Ross, [Springfield] Union News,  Aug. 18, 2001

Best Interests of the Child – Reflections on Clayton
Mark Charalambous, Aug. 11, 2001

Appetite for Family Destruction
Stephen Baskerville, Washington Times, June 17, 2001

Plundering Fatherhood
Stephen Baskerville, WorldNetDaily, June 16, 2001

Recommendations for Child Support Guideline

Summary CS Recommendations

New Guideline Worksheet

Redefining Fatherhood, Reinventing Responsibility
Tony Zizza, Fathers Day 2001 Op-ed

209A Reform (S952/S953) Testimony of Mark Charalambous
To Joint Committee on the Judiciary, May 17, 2001

S209A Reform (S952/S953) Testimony of Steve Basile
To Joint Committee on the Judiciary, May 17, 2001

Jacques Committee GAL Investigation Travesty,
Senate Committee on Post Audit and Oversight, March 2001

Testimony of Earl Sholley for Shared Parenting bill, S813
Joint Committee on the Judiciary
, March 29, 2001

Phantom Evaluations
Judicial Bias - How it Works and How to Defend Against it

Zed McLarnon, March, 2001

Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines: A Benchmark Analysis
By David B. Weden III, Sept. 2000
Full report
Charts Appendix
(pdf format; requires Adobe Acrobat)

The Politics of Children
An Example of Practices and Vested Political Interests

Stephen Baskerville, Newsletter of the Women's Freedom Network, Jan./Feb. 2001

Feminist Hate-Speech - A Misandry Sampler
Gladden Shrock

Looking at Violence
By Cathy Young, Boston Globe, Oct. 15, 2000

Open letter to Senators Biden and Hatch over VAWA
By Mark Charalambous, Sept. 25, 2000

Judging Lopez
Political correctness in the courts

By Mark Charalambous, Sept. 15, 2000

Stephen Baskerville's letter to Institue for Justice, Sept. 13, 20000

Asking the right question: Do restraining orders cause domestic violence?
By Mark Charalambous, July 30, 2000

Commonwealth v. Finase
Important new 209A case law!

Feminists focus of the little pitchers
By Roger Franklin, The Age, July 7, 2000

Team players of tools of the patriarchy?
By Cathy Young, Salon, July 6, 2000

Devaluing of men's lives in US must be brought to a halt
By Earl Henry Sholley, Attleboro Sun Chronicle, July 1, 2000

New Nation radio interview with Stephen Baskerville:
Government invasive of father's rights

May 3, 2000

Book Review: "Throwaway Dads: The myths and barriers that keep men from being the fathers they want to be"
By Tony Zizza, FAPT, April 2, 2000

Pilloried, Broke, Alone
Divorced fathers get a bad rap for not supporting their children. The truth is, many can't
By Donna Laframboise, National Post (Canada), March 25, 2000

Testimony of Mark Rogers, FAPT, on Hyde-Woolsey Child Support Bill - HR 1488
By Mark Rogers, March 16, 2000

Child Support Payers Bill of Rights
Addendum to testimony on Hyde-Woolsey child support bill - HR1488

By Mark Rogers, March 16, 2000

Text of Federal judge's dismissal of CPF federal lawsuit
Edward F. Harrington, U.S.District Judge, January 27, 2000

Free Harry!
By Mark Charalambous,
January 28, 2000

Elián González: How Many T-shirts and Banners Must He Become?
By Mark A. Rogers, M.S., M.A., Psy.D.
January, 2000

Our statement on CPF Federal Lawsuit
By Mark Charalambous, November, 1999

Feminists Play the Victim Game
By Cathy Young, New York Times, Nov. 26, 1999

Child Support at a Crossroads: When the Real World Intrudes Upon Academics and Advocates
By Ron Henry, Esq., ABA Family Law Quarterly, Vol. 33, No. 1, 1999

Legal abuse of fathers' rights not even noticed
By John Waters, Irish Times,September 7 1999

The Politics of Gender:
Book Review: "Why Men Rule: A Theory of Male Dominance,

By Steven Goldberg, Ph.D"
From NARTH, 1998

California Judge Attacks Joint Custody Foes as 'dangerous ... unbalanced.'
From 'Lectric Law Library,1999

209A Reform Bill Testimony,
By Mark Charalambous, May 18, 1999

Why the opposition to restraining order (209A) research?
By Mark Charalambous(MS Word 6/Win95 doc)

"The politics of fatherhood"
By Stephen Baskerville, Presentation to the plenary conference on "The Politics of Fatherhood," Howard University, Washington, DC, March 23 1999

"Why is daddy in jail?"
By Stephen Baskerville, The Women's Quarterly, Winter 1999

Mark Charalambous' Presentation to State Representatives (MS Word '97 format)

Philip Cook's essay on domestic violence and Abused Men.
A Tribute to Phil Hartman

System encourages false accusations; by Carol Hopkins

WHEN SHE WAS BAD: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence

THE DIVORCE CULTURE, Rethinking Our Commitments to Marriage and Family, by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead.