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This page is designed to provide answers to the more common questions about Restraining Orders, aka 209A.
How they affect you and how to protect yourself. Questions and answers are submitted by CPF members and others who visit this site. If you have a question, answer or comment please send it to us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Q. What are the different ways that having a 209A complaint against you can impact employment ?

A. This answer may not be complete but it addresses the majority of the 209A issues as they relate to employment.

- It can depress you and you can lose your job because the depression deepens, and you become angry or cranky at the job. Depression is a biochemical stressor, a real illness. It can be induced by extreme mistreatment. Traumatic stress. Loss of contact with your blood relatives is like a continuos death--but it is not recognized. One does not get compassionate leave or anything.

- It can directly cost you a job if you have to carry a weapon on the job, as do police officers and the like.

- You go onto the national database, and then you cannot get many jobs: daycare worker or anything like it.

- It can cause you to become depressed further and lead to more drinking or pot-smoking, which can help you go down the spiral.

- The existence of the 209A can get into the gossip grapevine at your job, and be passed on by women, who then can and do talk behind your back,hurt you, complain to their supervisors about you. this can lead to demotions or other trouble on the job. (You become subsumed in the myth of the "bad man" and then cannot break free and be seen as an individual; you are.

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