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Recommendations for Child Support Guideline


The present Guideline is driven by a statement of principle that the standard of living of the children should not decrease after a divorce. This model and its solution no longer fit the modern family breakup. The Guideline fails to recognize the legitimate needs of the children at the home of the non-custodial parent. The Guideline must be altered to address the reality of the two-household family, with two parents equally capable of providing a home for their children.

The Guideline, and the court’s divorce policies in general, should be guided by an objective of establishing an arrangement that is most conducive to both parents improving their standards of living, to perhaps reach or exceed what it was before the breakup. By establishing usurial-level child support levels (up to 40.25% of gross income) that actually discourage both parents from increasing their income the present Guideline does exactly the opposite.

Recommended changes to the Guideline

To make the Guideline fairer to the non-custodial parent, we recommend:

Child support awards should terminate when:

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